Slotastic Magic: Play Several Casino Games at the same time

Yes, you read correctly. It is now possible to play more than one casino game at the time, thanks to the new Multi-Game technology being provided exclusively for players at Slotastic Casino. Players can play up to four games, simultaneously on the screen. You get quadruple the action, fun and winning chances. Can you handle the heat of playing four slots at once?

Trial and (no) Error

The new Multiple Games Feature at Slotastic has been trialled by over 200 players, to astounding success. The feedback from players has encouraged us here at Slotastic, to roll out the feature for all players with the confidence that they will enjoy the unique experience of playing four games at once.

4 Times the Fun & Chances

Playing a single slot game can be a lot of fun, just imagine four times the joy! Keeping your eye on all four at once is a challenge in itself. When you need to bet, based on four different sets of reels, the excitement just gets better and better. There is no ‘lull’ or wasted time waiting for the reels to spin endlessly. If you don’t get a win on the first or second simultaneous spins, you have another two to count on.

Instant Play or Browser

To try out this exceptional experience; the multi-game feature, all you need to do is log in to Slotastic, select either Instant Play or Download, and you are on your way. The pleasure of using this new feature is all yours.

How it Works

It is quite straightforward. Once you have logged in and selected the feature from the game menu, you can choose to play for free, in practice mode; this is advisable as it will allow you to become familiar with the games and multi-screen feature. Once you have practised a while, you will be ready to play for real money, which necessitates opening an account at Slotastic Casino and selecting your preferred, secure banking option.

Homing In

Once you have deposited some funds, you are ready to play for real. Go to the casino Home button and choose your first game. The game will open up in a new window while leaving the central casino site open. Repeat the process three times, and you have your four slot games opened on your screen in separate windows. Next, it’s up to you to use the four-game controls simultaneously and keep your two eyes on those four screens and spinning reels. Of course, you can pause any of the games indefinitely if you want to concentrate on one set of reels (one game), that might be about to pay off, and therefore need your full attention. It is also possible to drag the separate windows anywhere on your screen, to suit your preference. Each window/game updates itself as well as your global credit balance during gameplay.

Conclusion: On top of our Game

Here at Slotastic, we strive to provide cutting-edge gaming for our values players. This innovative, new multi-screen feature is designed to produce extreme casino action with no respite. The effect is four-fold and the attractive opportunities as well. Being on top of our game means we are at the forefront of innovation, technological advances and ultimately, player satisfaction. This multi-screen feature will do just that; satisfy a large number of discerning players. Are you going to be one of them?