3 Things To Know About Scatter Icons

Wilds are perhaps the most popular special symbols to appear in online slot games. Yet the scatter symbol would surely be in second place. The scatter is a nice symbol to have, and while it isn't always labeled as such, you will be able to see which symbol acts in this role by checking the paytable for a specific slot.

Let's find out more about this symbol now, so you know what to expect if you play a slot game that uses one.

They can appear anywhere to trigger prizes

Usually, you would need to get three matching icons one after the other on an enabled payline from the left side. But with a scatter, it can appear anywhere on the reels and it will pay you a prize if you get the required number.

For example, three dragons on reels one, two, and three might win a set prize if they all appear on the same payline. However, you might get a scatter in the first position on reel one, the third position on reel three, and the second position on reel four. That wouldn't be a winning combination in any other situation, but the scatter will produce a prize for you.

They can often bring free spins as well as credit prizes

The scatter is usually a trigger for the free spins feature. You typically need three or more to get this bonus award. Some games give a set number of spins no matter how many scatters you get, i.e. three, four, or five. But in some cases, you might get more free games if you find more scatters. For example, you could get 10 free spins for three, 15 for four, and 20 for five.

Sometimes only two scatters are needed to award a credit prize

Most games require you to get three or more matching icons on a line to trigger a prize, but this isn't necessarily true of the scatter icon. In this case, you may only need two to get a prize. And since they can appear in any locations, it is often easier to snag some scatter prizes when you are playing an online slot.

In short, scatters are great - probably one of our favorite icons to spot! Not all games have them, but you can see they are worth finding if you do spot them in a game you like to play.