Things To Know If You’re Playing Slot Games For The First Time

Are you completely new to playing online slot games? Everyone needs to start somewhere, and if you're about to begin playing, you should know some things before you start placing some bets.

We've highlighted some of the most important elements to remember here. Make sure you bear them in mind before you start. Oh, and good luck!

The paytable will reveal the rules and prizes you could win

Each game has a paytable - the page that reveals the symbols in play, how they can win you prizes, and various rules and details about the game. In a three-reel slot, this will usually appear next to the reels. For bigger slots with more reels, you will usually click on a 'paytable' icon or a question mark to load the paytable.

There are slots with different reel sets available

You will usually play with either three or five reels whenever you choose an online slot game to play. In some cases, there could be six reels, or a single additional reel over to the side of the fifth one. Again, the paytable will explain any special rules in force if there are more reels.

You could win on different paylines or ways to win

Each game will have one or more paylines you could win prizes on. These are either fixed, meaning you must bet on them all, or variable, which means you choose how many lines to play. However, it is always best to play them all if you can.

Some games work differently and provide ways to win instead. However, even with these, you'll bet a set number of coins per spin. For example, a game with 720 ways to win might require you to bet 30 or 40 coins per spin to cover all those potential way wins.

You'll get several bet amounts to choose from

Up and down arrows, or right to left arrows, will indicate the coin values you can choose from. These may start from as little as one or two cents apiece, and go as high as $50 or more. Just choose your preferred value and remember to multiply it by the number of lines and coins you are playing to get your total bet per spin.

By understanding these elements, you will get a better understanding of any and every slot game you will play from now on. And you'll find it easier to stick within your budget, too.