3 Types Of Bonus Features You Might Spot In A Slot

Of all the appeal slot games have, bonus features must surely rank among the best bits of playing these games. The more bonus features you can find, the more entertaining a game is, isn’t that right?

Well, we’ve picked our three best bonus features right here – three you might well find the next time you select a slot game to play. Which of these is your favorite, and can you think of any others?

Pick Me feature

This can occur on the reels, if you get an arrangement of icons that trigger the feature. For example, three scatter icons might prompt you to choose one to reveal a prize. Or, another icon might need to appear three times on specific reels for you to pick one or more of them. If you can pick more than one, you can usually continue choosing until you reveal ‘collect’ to end the feature.

Free spins

Yes, free spins! We love these, because you can play lots of them and not pay a cent for doing so if you trigger this feature. Sometimes, the free games will be just like the regular ones, and other times they will feature one or two special elements.

For instance, you could get a multiplier on prizes won. You might also get more wilds present in each spin. Sticky wilds and other things might also crop up, depending on the game you play. The best bet is to read the paytable to find out how many spins you could win, and what can happen once you do win them.

A second-screen bonus

This is so-called because it appears away from the main reel set on another screen. The nature of the game will depend on the theme. For example, you might go into a pyramid in an Egyptian-themed game and choose mummies to reveal prizes. You might go into a mine in search of gold, or perhaps take part in a shootout at high noon if you are playing a Western-themed slot. Some bonuses take longer than others to complete, but most will guarantee a prize of some kind.

Bonus features make a good slot into a great one. Some of them are well known for adding in several bonuses in one game, which makes it more entertaining to play the game for a longer time. Which games have your favorite mix of bonuses involved?