2UP Game

2Up was invented Down Under and since its introduction into the mainstream, has been taking the online gambling world by storm. A traditional game at heart, 2Up is a marvel of a gambling game, that hits all the right spots. The game is simple. A player, called a ‘spinner’, throws two coins into the air. Players then bet on the outcome of the throw. There are three possibilities. Two heads up, two tails up, one head and one tail up. It is straightforward yet engaging and exciting. The first outcome mentioned above is called obverse, the second is called reverse, and the third is called odds.

Since 2Up is a traditional game, it is played on Anzac Day, and celebrated in pubs, bars, and clubs across the country. The feast, and in part the game is used to mark a shared experience with diggers throughout the ages. The game was initially played with old Australian Pennies. The design, size and weight of the pennies made them an ideal candidate, and also they were easy to spin in the air. Although the game is played on the present day, coins have substituted the old Australian penny. These pennies date pre-1939 and are rare to find these days.

The exact origins of 2Up are shrouded in mystery and folklore. There is evidence the game may have stemmed from the game of Pitch and Toss; which works with just one coin, and players wager on the outcome; heads or tails. This game was brought to Australia by the British and Irish, and the game is thought to originate from there in the 18th century, and played by the poorer strays of society. There has been documented evidence that the game was played by convicts in, or around 1798, in New South Wales. It is believed that the two coin version was first used around 1850, and was being played on goldfields in the eastern colonies. It quickly spread like wildfire across the country, as the subsequent gold rushes did. The locals took an immediate liking to this simple, yet exciting game, especially the two coin version. Thus 2Up was born, or so the legend goes. The game was used extensively in the trenches of World War I, where Australian soldiers played 2Up extensively. Anzac Day celebrates the return of the soldiers after the First World War. On this particular day, the authorities used to close a blind eye to gambling, which was outlawed at the time. By the 1950’s, 2Up schools had formed, spreading the popularity of the game even more. At the end of the decade, the prevalence of 2Up declines as more sophisticated gambling gained popularity. Games like Baccarat and Craps have become part and parcel of gaming in Australia, and other parts of the world. 2Up is making a comeback, and selected casinos are offering this unique game of chance, that due to its simplicity, has great appeal. Expect to see more of this beautiful game of chance, that carries an unusual history with it. The game can now be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere. 2Up is a modern day, Australian classic gambling game that has never lost its appeal.