One Hand Joker Poker

One of the most refreshing versions of the magical game of Poker is the one hand Joker Poker. Cafe Casino has seen fit to introduce this version of Poker due to popular demand and feedback from players everywhere. The beauty of one hand Joker Poker is that the odds are pretty favourable to players. There is a low house edge, and the video poker format is the epitome of immersive and atmospheric gaming. All the engaging action that poker offers take centre stage at Cafe Casino.

What is Video Poker?

Video Poker is a realistic form of the game with all the excitement less the pressures of playing in a group. It is performed in a slot format, so it is very straightforward and easy to play. The drama of a high octane slot is blended with the beauty of the strategic game of poker, to serve up a delicious combination of styles. Players do not have to be exceptional players of poker or experienced ones as the game flows along just like a slot game, yet with poker elements.

The Fantastic Four

There are four different formats of the game. The one hand, three hands, ten hand, and 52 hand versions. The setup is perfect for beginners as they can start out with the one hand version, which is the least complicated and most straightforward of the lot. Once confidence is built up, and experience gained, players, can move up to the more complex versions, with multiple hands simultaneously.

Joker Poker Payouts

Cafe Casino is offering Joker Poker in all formats, and however, here we will look at the one hand version of Joker Poker. The game provides twelve winning possibilities, or winning hands with the Joker acting as a Wild. There are 12 winning hands based on standard poker hands, and the Joker is wild. See below for each winning hand's payout, based on a 5-coin bet. A high pair of King or Ace wins a payout of 5 coins. Three of a kind gains ten coins. A low straight wins 15 coins and a low flush will earn 25 coins. A full house will win players 30 coins, four of a kind wins 100 coins. It gets even better as getting a straight flush wins 250 coins, a royal flush incorporating a Joker wins a payout of 400 coins. Five of a kind wins 750 coins, a royal flush wins a whopping 4,000, and a sequential royal flush gains the big one; which is an astronomical 20,000 coins bonanza payout.

Wagering and Tips

The wagering system used is almost akin to standard slots. Players choose the coin sizes they want to wager with, and that's it. The bets range from as little as $0.05, and rises incrementally so; $0.25, $0.50, $1, and $5 per coin as a maximum value. Players may place up to 5 coins per round of poker. To qualify for the big payouts, such as the 20,000 Sequential Royal Flush Jackpot, players will have to be betting the maximum coin values, and coin amounts. The maximum bet is, in fact, $25 per round, and just $0.25 wagering with minimum coin value. The coins can be selected by pressing the Bet One button or taking it right up to the max with Bet Max. Players can hold on to cards or hands they choose to by using the Draw button. If players happen to get a winning hand, they have the Double or Nothing option. Consequently, players face off against the dealer, who will receive a card facing upwards. Players are then given four cards, face down, and will have to pick one at a time. If it is greater than the dealer's card, the player wins double, if not he or she loses the bet.

Cafe Casino Magic

Cafe Casino is one of the stalwarts of online casinos. With a spectacular selection of casino games and multitudes of exclusive bonuses, Cafe Casino has achieved a lot over the last few years. Besides a comprehensive range of high-quality slots provided by some of the most innovative and best game developers in the world, Cafe Casino offers an excellent collection of table games and video poker variants. The casino has exceptional customer service, and the banking options do not fail to impress. All the operations at Cafe Casino are adequately protected by the latest encryption software and other security measures to ensure all players confidential data remains private and far from prying eyes. Cafe Casino takes a hands-on approach when it comes the casino operations, so players are treated like royalty and given the red carpet treatment. Try out the magic of one hand Joker Poker, in video format at Cafe Casino, and be impressed with the quality and magical atmosphere.