How Important Is The RTP Of A Slot Game?

RTP is a small but vital piece of information given for every slot game you might play. You may already know it means return to player, but what does that mean for you? It tells you how much cash is returned to the players over the lifetime of the game. Something with an RTP of 92% is not as good for players as a slot with an RTP of 98%. However, there are some elements you need to bear in mind when you are playing any slot game.

RTP does not correlate with volatility

The higher the RTP, the higher the volatility, you might think. But no, that’s not true. You can play a 92% RTP slot with high volatility or a 98.4% RTP slot with low volatility. The volatility level merely tells you whether you’re going to have long periods with no prizes and then the chance of something big, or lots of little prizes more often. Do bear that in mind.

A higher RTP is always better than a lower one

This means all the players enjoying the slot game will know that more cash is returned to the players over time. It doesn’t mean any individual will win more than another, but it does mean more cash goes to the players. That could be as part of a progressive jackpot or in smaller prizes.

No RTP will give you a guide to how much you could win

It would be easy to assume you could play a high RTP slot and win more than if you played a lower RTP one. But that isn’t true. It’s just another piece of information to help you figure out which game you should play. In our view, we’d always recommend going for the higher RTPs as we feel they are fairer for players over time. However, we also put great stock into the value of a slot game in other areas. Is it fun to play? Does it have lots of varied features? Is it entertaining, or does it feel as though you’ve seen it all before? Getting the balance right isn’t easy. RTP is part of it, but remember it is not the only important factor to consider when you’re looking for a slot game to play. Now you know how it works, you can choose a game with more confidence.