Mr Cashman Slot Game

Mr Cashman is almost akin to being a slot gaming concept rather than a simplistic game. The title Mr Cashman originated as a character in a slot game, Down Under in Australian land-based casinos. Developed by the respected Aristocrat Leisure Limited, Mr Cashman is a 3-reel electromechanical slot with the title character as a game symbol that appears on the reels. Aristocrat migrated the title character to other video platforms and Mr Cashman bonus features now enhances other games as well. The original game features an innovative Bet button that used to increase as the game progresses with better and more dramatic sounds as wagering amounts increased. There were also excellent added bonus games to encourage more wagering. The Mr Cashman Bonus game format has been retained entirely and is essentially the same ever since it was initially introduced. In 2016 Aristocrat decided to update and upgrade several of its older, yet still immensely popular games that still use the Mr Cashman bonus system.

A Concept - A Game

Mr Cashman is more of a concept that has five separate bonus games. This new version of the classic and timeless game awards randomly somewhat similar to a progressive jackpot. Players are advised that in order to qualify for any of the bonus games, maximum betting must be affected unless indicated otherwise. The game offers an exclusive Mr Cashman button which provides a Max Bet function plus up to 25 credits, and it works similarly to a Max Bet button. This enables extra Mr Cashman payouts, with Scatter prizes potentially multiplied.

Progressive Jackpot

Mr Cashman also sports a progressive jackpot that pays out independently from the standard Mr Cashman feature. Each casino priding this game gets to choose if it includes the progressive jackpot or not so you may find slight variations. Despite the Mr Cashman bonus being awarded randomly, watching the information marquee that is clearly displayed on the screen will generally tell you to Play On after every spin. When this occurs it subsidies that the game is about to reward you with a random Mr Cashman bonus.

Mr Cashman Free Spins

When any Mr Cashman free spins or free games are awarded, if there is no winning combination appearing on the reels the game will still award players two times the current bet per line. All the prizes that are multiplied by the active triggering bet per line, amounting to the spin that initially activated the bonus game. Mr Cashman walks elegantly and proudly out onto the spinning reels in the play area and starts to wave his hands at the Win metre which is located close to the top of the screen. The credits begin to mount up, and Mr Cashman keeps on waving his hands until he is ready from giving out extra credits to you. The highest possible payout dit MG the free spins if Mr Cashman walks out into the field can inflate up to a high amount of 25,000 credits! As Mr Cashman walks out onto the reels area, he stops momentarily at any of the reels and gives it a massive spin. He will stride past any reels he does not intend to spin. The reels continue spinning until Mr Cashman has finished awarding new spins. He then exits from the upper right corner of the screen, and as a farewell gift, throws a random multiplier over to the left-hand side of the game screen. If the reels produce any new winning payouts the random multiplier is applied to all the winning prizes. These multipliers can be X3, X5 and X10 the triggering bet.

Second Screen

When a second screen opens up Mr Cashman can be seen sitting in front of a 3-reel slot machine game at a virtual online casino. Mr Cashman reaches and pulls the lever to set the reels spinning on their way to fortune. A random number between 0 and 9 appears on the far right reel. The game awards prizes as credits that are equal to the randomly chosen number represented by the three digits. Players can effectively win from 000 all the way up to a staggering 999 credits! So how exactly does it work? Mr Cashman stands on stage holding a wrapped gift box in one hand along with a money bag in the other. The player can then choose one out of two prizes. The Gift Box will award free spins games with multipliers attached. The number of free spins randomly awarded with multipliers includes the following 5, 10, 15, or 20 free spins. The Multipliers are chosen randomly from X2, X3, or X5. The Money bag will award a prize in credit values, also determined randomly, with the possibility to reach as many as 1,000 credits. In this instance, Mr Cashman will turn up on the screen under a bright moonlit and starry sky. Players then have to effectively touch the shining stars until finding at least two matching symbol prizes. Players can claim the first matched prize, and they may consist of several random credit awards of up to 1,000 credits each time. Alternatively, they may even comprise of additional free games. Winning 5 free spins guarantees all payout prizes are awarded with a generous X5 multiplier boosting the wins. With 10 free spins, all titles will be assigned an X3 multiplier. Win 20 free spins and all prizes will be awarded an X2 multiplier. If players get 40 free spins, in this instance all the bonuses will be paid out at face value.

Significant & Relevant Features

Even though these features are now quite old they still amuse and entertain slot players, in significant part without a doubt to the generous prizes for which Mr Cashman has become famous around the world. Players should manage their expectations realistically, and the random rewards are calculated into the slot game’s theoretical return to players percentage. Nevertheless, Mr Cashman slots and its unique bonus features compare favourably with more recent slot game releases. The tradition of the past has influenced Mr Cashman, and at the end of the day, why change a winning formula? The bonus features have stood the way of time admirably, and players still live then as much today as they ever did.

Mr Cashman Conclusion

Mr Cashman is a really entertaining feature that players can look forward to with amazing winning bonus rounds. There is no possible way to force a Mr Cashman bonus to be activated, yet not all players will fully understand all the rules initially. The ones that apply to the Mr Cashman bonus features. Aristocrat has billed Mr Cashman slots as the most iconic personality in slot gaming. The mascot is well- known all over the world, but mostly in Australia, where the original Mr Cashman game was first introduced and released. The character has its very own composed initially musical score and players can enjoy listening to it as they play along. The music is extraordinarily distinctive and differentiates significantly from the music to be found on standard slot games today. The bonuses and gameplay along with a rich tradition originating from Down Under, Mr Cashman serves up an excellent and exemplary experience shrouded in excitement and entertainment. Try out this Australian invention that has enriched the gaming world for ages. Experience the classic and extreme excitement of winning at Mr Cashman!