Is It Possible To Win A Progressive Jackpot?
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Progressive jackpots are a lot like lotteries. The odds against winning the big sums are long, but someone must win it, right? Most people accept this and see a slot game with a progressive jackpot (or two or more) as something giving them an extra chance at winning a life-changing sum of money.

We thought we’d look at the possibilities of winning a jackpot like this. Read on to find out what you should consider when looking at progressive jackpot slots to play.

Some require bigger bets to be eligible for a chance to win the jackpot

This doesn’t apply to all slots, but it is worth being aware of. You might find you can play for a penny per line, but you won’t be eligible to win the progressive jackpot if you do that. You might need to wager, say, a quarter on each line. That could throw your budget out of whack.

The most important thing is to find a progressive slot that allows bets you’re happy with. Remember, the odds of winning the jackpot are long, so you should never play a slot just with the hope of winning a big prize. You should enjoy it and be able to play affordably above all else. Plenty of penny slots allow you to be in with a shot.

Some games offer several jackpots instead of just one

Plenty of slots have a couple of progressive jackpots on offer, while some have three or even four. In each case, the multiple jackpot slots see the amounts for each one getting progressively larger. So, you might have a micro, mini, major, and mega jackpot, for instance. You should see all the available jackpots at the top of the reels, where they will gradually increase in value during the game.

Some progressives trigger when they reach a certain level

This is an interesting feature that does crop up in a few slots. The instructions for the game might say a jackpot must be triggered by the time it reaches, say, $20,000. That means if you play the game when the amount is close to $20,000, you may stand a better chance of trying to win it, since it is going to drop soon anyway. Could you be the lucky person to scoop the lot? It’s worth finding some of these games to try if you’re in the mood.

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