Roll the Dice

Get ready for an exceptional experience. Roll the Dice is a brand new table game just released. Also called 'Fish-Prawn-Crab', based on three of the game symbols that replace the dice dots representing numbers. This game involves predicting the outcome of the throw of the three dice. Instead of numbers, there are images, such as the above mentioned, Fish, Prawn and Crab symbols.

Predict the Outcome

The game is simple enough to appeal to a broad audience. Just guess the animations instead of the numbers. There are seven different symbols on the dice. In addition to the above, there is a Rooster, a Calabash, a Coin and a Triple icon. These artistically drawn animations spice up the play and make the game of Roll the Dice, different and innovative, not to mention entertaining.


If a symbol you select appears on the dice face after the throw, you win a 1:1 payout, efficiently getting your money back. However, if you manage to land two similar symbols, then the payout increases to 2:1. Getting all three wins you a 3:1 payout. The Triple symbol, which depicts three dice, is an exception. If you bet on the Triple symbol. Betting on it means that the three dice you are about to roll will share matching results. That means whatever other symbols appear on the reels; whether you land three Roosters or three Prawns, the outcome will be the same, a massive payout of 30:1 your bet.

Highest Payout: Triple Magic

If you play your dice right, and you wager a maximum bet on the Triple symbol, the maximum payout is a whopping $15,000! A payout of this sort can be a real life changer. The stakes are high, but the wagering options are wide-ranging and will appeal to all types of players, from novices to high rollers.

Wagering on Roll the Dice

Start the game by pressing the Play button. A virtual bowl appears to shield the dice, obscuring them until the throw is effected. Betting can be selected as well, with options starting at just $1. The maximum bet you can place is a massive $500 per throw of the dice. You can bet on any symbol or combination of them, with the highest volatility, and the maximum payout is coming with the Triple symbol. The Clear and Undo buttons allow you to reset your bets efficiently, or remove them entirely. When you are ready to start the wagering process, just tap or drag the bowl onto the screen, which sets the dice and game in motion, and the bowl will be shaken, but not stirred! The dice then appear, and you check if you have won if so, the payout is effected immediately.


This exclusive game; Roll the Dice, should attract novices who would like to try out this new kind of game. The stakes are high, but the wagering starts from a low amount, so there's no need to break the bank. The bank will be 'broken', and a payout is earned if you manage to win the highest payout of $15,000, using the most potent symbol of the game, the Triple icon. The beauty of Roll the Dice is that there is no strategy, which is a game of pure chance and luck. It is a pleasure playing Roll the Dice, as it is a straightforward and uncomplicated game. Try it out; you may prefer it to the usual, heavily themed slots that are flooding the market. Roll the Dice dares to be different. Feel the difference!