Real Play And Practice Play

If you’ve visited a few online casinos already, chances are you may be familiar with Bovada Casino. If not, you could be missing a trick. They’re packed to the ceiling with superb games and the chance to enjoy winning some seriously big prizes, too. With progressive slots among the variety of games available, there is much fun to be had.

But you may not realize you get the choice to play for real or for practice only. Here, we delve into how you can do this and why you should know about the benefits of doing so.

How can you choose which method of play to go for?

Have you found a game you like the look of? Position your mouse cursor over the title and watch what happens. You’re invited to play now or find out more. Click on the first option, and a pop-up appears asking you to select from real play or practice play. Click on your option and get started! You’ll need to sign in if you want to bet for real.

Why choose practice play?

Practice play provides the best way to check out a new game you haven’t seen before. It works in the same way it would if you were placing real bets, but you get to try every aspect of the game without any risk. This gives you the chance to try it without fear of losing cash because you didn’t quite understand the way it worked. It’s a safe and fun way of enjoying a game – and you can always try it for fun anyway, of course.

How can you start playing for real?

When you are playing for fun, you’ll see a yellow ‘real play’ option above the game screen. Just click on that to make the switch nice and easy. You can then log into your account (or join, if you aren’t already a member of Bovada Casino) and get started. If you are new, you get to claim a welcome bonus first, too.

As you can see, playing for fun and for real is a great option at Bovada Casino. They make everything real easy to enjoy, and that puts them towards the top of the heap when it comes to great casinos, as far as we are concerned. Check out the practice play option there today and you’ll see what we mean.