4 Important Symbols You Might See In A Slot Game

Slot games are very diverse in terms of theme, presentation, and a whole heap of other factors. But most games do have some things in common, as you'll see here.

We've highlighted four main symbols you might encounter while playing slots at your favorite online casino. How many of these do you know about, and do you know what they might hold in store for you?


A wild symbol is one that can replace other symbols in the game. It may not replace everything, but most other symbols are fair game. It improves your chances of getting a winning combination, and it can add a multiplier to a prize as well. This is usually either x2 or x3. Sometimes, the multiplier may only be apparent in free spins prizes.


A scatter symbol is one that can win you prizes without appearing on a set payline. You usually need a minimum of two, and sometimes three, to win prizes. They can appear anywhere in any positions to win you prizes. The scatter can also be a trigger for a special feature - most notably the free spins feature.


A bonus icon isn't always present in a slot game, but if it is, it will grant you entry into a bonus feature. You will typically need three to appear, either on a payline or anywhere on the screen, to take you to a second-screen feature. Sometimes, it could be an on-reels pick feature, and there could even be more than one type of bonus icon available.


This must be the best symbol of all, don't you think? If this appears in a slot game, you can be sure that getting the required combination will take you closer to winning the progressive jackpot. You might need five on a line to automatically trigger the win. Conversely, you may need three to go through to a bonus feature where one of the prizes is the progressive jackpot. Different games use this feature differently, as you'll see.

You won't necessarily get all these features in each slot game you play. Not all of them have progressive jackpots, for example. Some might have wilds and scatters but no bonus icons. You can check out the slots you find to see which ones have which icons before you begin to play. That way, you know roughly what to expect.