Unusual Microgaming slots to play

It doesn’t take long to find dozens of Microgaming slots in an assortment of online casinos. This is one of the most famous names in the gaming industry today, but some of their slots are more unusual than others.

We thought we’d check out three of the more unusual and oddball titles. Although, of course, this is a unique thing. You may find some of their other titles more unusual than the ones we’ve chosen. Will you agree with our picks?

Age of Discovery

Age of Discovery slot game is based firmly in the past. It looks as if we are heading back to the 15th century for this one, with gold coins, Chinese boat-style symbols, and a compass to look for. Sail the seas in search of some admirable prizes, with up to 32,250 coins to be won in the bonus feature and up to 60,000 coins in the main game.

Bulls Eye

Here’s one for UK players of a certain age. Remember Bully, the bull who was the mascot for the TV gameshow Bullseye? You will meet him in this official game from Microgaming. Bulls Eye is unusual because it focuses on a gameshow that is long gone, but still retains some affection among those who remember it. Bully’s famous Prize Board with the red and black segments can be found here, as can another version of a dartboard that can unlock some free spins. Watch for the Eighties-style prizes too!

Meerkat Mayhem

Meet the meerkats! They feature in this fun game that sees a devil meerkat watching over the others on the reels. It is an odd mix of meerkats and magic, by the look of it, and must surely feature as one of the stranger themes you have ever seen. There’s a scatter and a wild, plus an additional wild that makes certain other symbols go wild for you.

Can you find some more unusual games within their collection?

We guess you will, since everyone has a different idea of what strange and unusual might mean. We think there are some interesting titles in our little collection though, so maybe one of those will prove to be worth trying.

Microgaming has one of the largest collections of slots around, with over 300 of them to try. That reveals a huge array of titles you might like, and others you may think are very different from the rest. Why not check them out today?