Cats And Dogs

Do you own a cat or a dog – or maybe both? Some households have several pets and there is no doubt many of us have one or the other.

It shouldn’t be a great surprise then to see a handful of slot games based on our furry friends. You can play games with titles such as Dog ‘n’ Roll, Diamond Dogs, and Hound Hotel. You might also try your luck with Kawaii Kitty, Kitty Glitter, and Top Cat (yes, the famous cartoon character some people also call Boss Cat).

But why do we love these games so much?

They’re our favorite pets

Yes, we all know cats and dogs rank as the most popular pets around. There are plenty of reasons for this, but it makes sense we would enjoy seeing them in cartoon or animated form in the slot games too.

We get a sense of what the game might involve

Whenever you see a game featuring cats or dogs, you get an idea of what you might expect to see in that game. We’re not always correct when we guess what might be coming up, but we do occasionally get it right.

Sometimes, you get one theme mixed with another. For example, Kawaii Kitty takes on a Japanese look (Kawaii means cuteness, apparently). This one is based more on toys and cartoon-like renditions of cats, but other games feature more accurate depictions of our favorite pets.

There’s plenty of room for some entertaining bonuses

How about a dog digging for prize-winning bones in the backyard? What about cats playing with balls of string… some of which might win you prizes? There are lots of possibilities when you get started with this theme. That’s part of the fun. We all love bonuses, and who wouldn’t love bonuses that include cats and dogs getting in on the fun and games?

The software developers are certainly having fun creating lots of new games based on cats, dogs, and sometimes both. So, if you want to try a slot game where cats are prowling around, or dogs are getting some ZZZZs, make sure you check out the software developers’ collections whenever you look for something to play. There are prizes to be had in these games, and some of them might just be heading in your direction. Wouldn’t that be great to experience?