Favorite 3D Betsoft Slots

When you're in the mood to play a 3D slot game, you can't beat the Betsoft 3D collection. They've got plenty to look at, so you are sure to find one that suits your mood. Trying to pick three of the best is hard, but we've risen to the challenge and we present our picks below. Will you agree with these or will you find a favorite or two of your own?

4 Seasons

This isn't one of the best-known games in their collection, but it's a superb one to play. The detail of the opening screen, showing the location changing through the seasons, gets you in the mood for what follows. The game includes a Seasonal Wheel, animals with varying multipliers, changing seasons with each 30 spins, and lots more besides. You can also enjoy Golden Cat Wilds and Yin & Yang Free Spins in the 4 Seasons slot game.

Frankenslot's Monster

We had to pick this one because the title is just the first of many good things about it. This is based on Frankenstein, of course, but it packs in lots of entertaining elements. You'll receive guaranteed Electrified Wilds whenever you play a free spin, and there are two machines with levers to represent the scatter and the bonus symbols. The monster appears on the left and the creator on the right, and both are superbly animated. The bonus allows you to shock the monster, but he doesn't seem overly bothered!

Sugar Pop: Double Dipped

This is the follow-up to the original Sugar Pop game. It doesn't have quite the same effects as other 3D games in the collection, but you'll see the candy is floating in front of the background. Everything is animated to drop into position and the candy will react whenever you get a winning combination. There are various levels, special candies, and lots more to enjoy in this one.

Which 3D game could be your favorite from the Betsoft back catalog?

There are lots more to choose from other than the ones we've mentioned above. However, the joy in playing them is part of the fun in discovering your favorites. Do you already have a favorite in their collection, or will a new release topple it from its position? Check out the latest 3D slot games from Betsoft now, so you don't miss out on some more fun and games.