Tips to Finding Games that Pay

A slot machine that pays is often nicknamed a loose machine. These machines are not myths, the do exist and they exist strategically for online as well as land based casinos. A loose machine offers a good experience to a player in the hope that they will return to the casino and play the other games without realizing specifically that they were playing a loose machine. Don't mistake a loose machine for a machine that is paying because they all pay, they just don't all pay as much or as often. A loose machine has a larger amount of higher paying symbols in the backend than does a tight machine, a difficult thing to identify without knowing what to look for.

The payout percentage of online casinos is slightly higher than a land based casino and put basically a payout of 97% is for every $100 wagered, $97 is paid out. The important point to remember here is that this is across the board and while some players win and others lose, it averages out across all players and all spins.

If the average percentage is 97%, that means that there are some slot machines that are paying less and others that are paying more. So the hunt begins for a machine that has been strategically placed that is probably paying more than any properly configured slot machine should.

Multiple paylines

It just makes more sense that the more paylines there are the better your chances of hitting a win. But if you consider the way a random generator works the winnings are actually spread across the paylines. Look instead for single paylne slot machines. Since these are less interactive and possibly less exciting players tend to steer clear of them

Test the machine

Don't shy away from new slot machines, always give them a shot by testing them. Give them 10 spins and see how close you come to breaking even. In the online casino industry practice play is certainly a luxury that you can't afford to ignore and an arena where you can try your hand at new games.

Maximum bet versus minimum bet

It has been shown that the lower the minimum bet, the lower the payouts. Simply put the low betting range is enough of an incentive to get players onto these machines. The games with higher minimum bets from $5 onwards have a better chance of delivering a payout. The higher the risk, the higher the reward, remember?

Vary your game play

So as a seasoned slots player you may have found your game, you may have made some great wins on your old faithful. But these days there are so many new games being released monthly with varying odds, there are also some great new casinos and tons of software developers all working out different odds for their machines. Remember, each machine is different and it is worth doing some test spins on some new slots.

Progressives - the big attraction!

Progressive jackpots are designed to accumulate a large pot. Only a small percentage of each bet goes into that pot so the casino needs a lot of spins to crank it up as high as some of them go! Once again, there is already a motivator for playing this game, the huge sum of money that keeps on getting bigger and bigger. Even when it is won it is reset to an almost unrealistic amount. So the basic rule is that the bigger the win, the tighter the machine is wound to keep the jackpot attractive. Try Our Best Progressive Slots:Crazy Dragon Slots, Hulk Slots, Hockey Hero Slots, Mega Money Mine Slots, Pay Dirt Slots, Red White and Win Slots, Treasure Trail Slots and Win Place or Show Slots

The casino manager's choice

The casino manager's job is to get the new player to become a loyal player and they make recommendations in their new player offers of games that would give the best playing experience. While these games may not be the loosest of the bunch these are the ones where the payouts would be more frequent and the new player has a bit of extra time to get the hang of the game.


Look on the paytables for when certain symbols only appear on certain reels. This means that while there may be 5 reels, designed to give the player a better chance at getting at least 3 symbols on a payline, only 3 reels contain that symbol. This especially applies when you need the restricted symbol on all of the reels that is falls on.

In your search for the good wins, think like the casino manager, look at the recent winners and watch the games that they won on. Play the games you think the casino would prefer you didn't notice and avoid the ones are too obvious. The hunt is almost as much fun and the game!