Mega Money Mine Slots

It is a given that mining indicates excavation of natural resources or precious and even semi-precious metals. This comes with some hazards but the returns are multiplied at the end of the day. The same goes for the slot game called Mega Money Mine which uses the same theme for players. Think of yourself as a hunter of gold and other metals to be able to win some prizes and you will if you continue going at it. On this site we recommend to play Mega Money Mine Slots only at the best Liberty Slotd Online Casino.

Mega Money Mine Rules to Remember

This slot game follows the same rules as laid out for similar games with 3 reels. Because this comes with one payline, all payouts would only occur on the center payline. If the game malfunctions at some point, then the results are automatically voided and become non-payable should it come up to be a winning combination. Continue increasing your coin bet and you would be in for more chances of winning the prize at some point. In fact the higher the coin bet, the bigger the potential payout becomes. So don't hesitate because the game can get you stuck there on your chair as you trying spinning on those reels so that it would hit on the right symbols on the center payline. And because the possibilities are endless, several winning combinations on the center payline will assure you that you get the highest payout possible out of those combinations. Can you imagine that? Other games will give you the lower prize but here, you're the boss.

Mega Money Slots Payouts on Symbols

Depending on which symbol the reels would rest after they stop spinning, you could pick up some payouts here and there. Most of the time, you would need three of the same symbols on the same payline to win a prize. This is true for the following symbols: cherries, single bars, double bars, diamonds, shovels, seven, gold bar and of course, the mine. Get 1 gold bar and you can get back your bet for one coin bet, twice that for two coin bets and triple for three coin bets. And that's the lowest winnings you could get from Mega Money Mine. From then on, it's ten times to 1000 times your coin bet, with 3 coin bets getting the highest payout. All these can be had for a minimum bet of only $1.50 coin. Come on now and press Spin before someone else beats you to it. You could be the next lucky winner. Want to try more 3 reel slot game? Here is a list of casino games and information where to find them.

Mega Money Slots in Online Tournaments

Online Casinos are making Mega Money Mine even better, by including the game in the slots game tournament. These tournaments offer chances for players to compete against each other, magnifying winnings and adding to the excitement of the game. Choose your favorite casino in online slots tournament schedules, register to play tournaments, and you'll also be eligible for one of the best sign-up bonus, a 100% matching bonus, up to $1000, on the first deposit. That'll double your money, and double your chances to play and win.