Unusual Rival Slots to Play

Rival Gaming has produced so many slot games now, it is very easy to find some you will love. We thought we would have a go at finding some more unusual titles among the familiar ones you might associate with Rival. We’re keen to know whether you agree with our picks, or whether you would choose other ones. Try these and see what you think!

Atomic Age

We’re used to heading back into the past in slot games, but this one looks very different from others we have played. The Atomic Age takes us back to pink Cadillacs, record players, and an old-style cash register, from before the electronic age arrived. The cash register is one of two scatters, which is unusual. The other is the Cadillac. Each one triggers a different bonus feature. There is also a wild spaceship to make things even more interesting!

Costume Party

How many slot games can you name where the reels run from side to side? Costume Party works just like that, with a 3 x 3 format that means you get to try and complete three costumes on the people standing there watching your progress. It’s an unusual game for sure, but it is also a lot of fun to play. Some costumes are worth more than others, so try and shoot for the monster to get the biggest prize of all.

Wheel of Cash

Wheel of Cash Slots looks like a standard slot, but it has the added perk of a Sloto game alongside the regular slot game itself. This is a type of mini bingo, and you will see it at the top right of the screen. You don’t need to play this part of the game – it requires an additional bet – but you can activate it if you want. It does give you the chance to win for matching three, four, or five numbers, winning up to $1,000 if you get lucky.

There are lots more superb Rival slots out there to try if you want to see whether you can find some more unusual games to play. With so many games in their collection, you are bound to find something you think is more unusual than the picks we’ve made above. We all look for different things, after all, so why not check out the delights waiting for you within the tempting array of Rival games?