Unusual Betsoft Slots to Play

Fire & Steel Slots

How on earth can we choose the most unusual slots from their collection, you might ask? Betsoft has lots to choose from, and many of them include innovative and appealing themes you may not have seen very often.

Any Betsoft slot game is worth a go, because most are excellent and provide a lot of entertainment for you to enjoy. But when it comes to more unusual games, well… there are some there to be found.


Ah, birds… yes, we have seen these in a few slot games before. So, what is unusual about this set of birds? Well, it's not so much the birds themselves, but the fact they sit on telegraph wires. You won't see reels spin here, although the game does use a familiar format with a 5 x 3 arrangement of icons on the screen. Instead of spinning, the birds fly into position with each go, and fly away to welcome a new set of birds to appear. Very nice!

Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds

The detail in this game is unusual, boasting a diamond-shaped game area. The Swordsman and the Shieldmaiden both have the power to turn other symbols in their path wild. This means more than one wild will appear either horizontally or vertically according to the trigger. If their beams cross each other in a spin, you get free games to play, and you get a sticky wild in place throughout these spins at the point where the beams crossed each other.


This is a twist on Whodunit, of course, and we love this game a lot. This is a detective story, and you must collect Clue Spins, Evidence Clues, access different levels, and hopefully… eventually… solve the murder. Different levels are timed, so make sure you watch the clock to see when detective mode arrives. This is a lot of fun and has some nice cut scenes whenever a win appears, too.

Betsoft has plenty of great titles to play, but there is something about the ones we have mentioned above that puts these ahead of the field. Will you like them as much as we do, or will you find other games that might end up being popular? We all have our favorites, but these are ours. Maybe they will make it onto your list of top slots to play as well? We hope they're lucky for you.