Why Try 3D Slots from Betsoft?

Betsoft is a well-known software developer, producing dozens of amazing online slots for you to experience. Notice we say ‘experience’ rather than play, because many of their slot games provide an experience you won’t get anywhere else. They are perhaps best known for their 3D games, and many new releases from Betsoft fit this category.

But why should you give these 3D games a try? We think we have come up with several great reasons to convince you. Check them out now and see what you think.

The detail is amazing

Don’t believe us? Try loading one of the games to see what we mean. Arrival is a great alien-themed slot that packs in a lot of detail. We love Charms and Clovers too, with its sixth-reel bonus elements. Plenty of these games are crystal clear in the detail too, as you’ll see.

They tend to be packed with exciting bonuses and perks

We love all the games that offer a lot to look for as you spin the reels. We’re used to wilds and scatters, but many 3D Betsoft slots have second screen bonuses, free spins, and on-reels instant wins as well. Frankenslot’s Monster has electrified wilds, where up to three are added on every free spin. Meanwhile, the pirating Barbary Coast slot has a Click Me feature, a wild reel, a Fight Bonus, and a Grog Challenge.

Many begin with an introductory scene to set the mood

We love these scenes because they tend to last a minute or so. They bring you further into the game and introduce the main characters you’ll find there. The scenes also tend to continue in the game itself. If you get a winning combination on the reels, the matching icons will move around or animate in 3D fashion, to maintain the overall feel of the game.

Don’t miss the best 3D experiences from Betsoft

No matter which slots you pick, we’re sure you will be impressed with the time you spend playing them. It’s good to play simple games, but if you want some complex ones where numerous things could happen on each spin, the Betsoft 3D game collection is the place to be.

It’s easy to forget how important it is to enjoy yourself while playing online slots in search of prizes. But Betsoft manages to get the balance just right, and that means you’re in for a great time.