Grand Vegas Casino Slots

All Grand Vegas Casino fantastic slots are available to play at Liberty Slots US casino. Wager Gaming Technolody's latest Liberty Slots Casino is the home to a huge collection of the latest and the greatest slots produced by WGT. With more than a hundred slot games of all varieties, this spectacular casino has something to offer every slot aficionado from the most casual penny slot player to the serious high-roller looking for games where he or she can risk several hundred dollars per spin. Here is a sampling of the spectacular slot games that LibertySlots has to offer.

Traditional 5-reel Games

These are the basic form of the 5-reel games. They offer multiple paylines, however, upping the potential for winning combinations. They also have the potential for much higher bets than the 3-reel versions.

5-reel New Bonus Games

These are the games that most modern slot game players love the most. Lots of free spins and creative side-games of varying levels of complexity make for games that will suck players in for hours on end.

7-reel Slot Games

These are big games, but, so far, they are not as complex as the 5-reel Bonus Games. These have fewer paylines, but more reels. These are complex games, but they are fun variants from the more typical 5-reel games.

Progressive Slot Games

These are the next wave in online slot play. They have guaranteed jackpot amounts, and in addition, the big jackpot ticks progressively higher, varying with how many players are currently playing and not winning it. Progressive slots are where the big jackpots are in the slot game world, and all styles of slot machine may be progressive. These are a few of the offerings at Grand Vegas:

Traditional 3-reel Games

For a fun game that does not take a great deal of thought, but is a fun way to fill a couple of hours on a hot summer afternoon, there is nothing quite like a traditional, simple 3-reel slot game. The mechanical originals were the first slot games, and they became the mother of all the fancier and more complex slot games that followed. These online versions are beautifully rendered and will make you feel like you are playing in Las Vegas of 1958.

  • Crazy Cherry Slots – Bars, Sevens and Cherries – How much more traditional could it be? A single payline to keep track of makes this game a simple and fun one.
  • Pay Day Slots – Again, Sevens and Bars make for simple play, and a 2500 coin jackpot make it a very lucrative summer’s afternoon.
  • Admiral’s Inn Slots – One of our all-time favorites, it is startlingly basic. Three reels and a few symbols make for an ultra-simple and enchanting game.

3-reel Bonus Games

These are the first step towards more modern styles of machines. Grand Vegas has a good selection of these. Most offer single paylines like the more traditional models, but with free spins and, sometimes, side games worked in for good measure.

  • Luck o’ the Irish Slots – This is a straightforward game with a leprechaun theme. The pot of gold is the bonus game that the little mischief makers will trigger!
  • Wheel of Chance Slots– Again, a simple single payline, but this time the Wheel of Chance symbols trigger a side-game similar in look and style to Wheel of Fortune.

Play Some Grand Vegas Slots Tonight!

Grand Vegas offers a huge selection of fantastic slot games. Get settled in your favorite slot playing chair with a cool beverage and get the reels spinning now – you will have a spectacular time at Liberty Slots.