Football Slots

The magic and allure of football, be it the American or European versions of the game have intrigued slot players since the inception of online slots. The competitive and aggressive nature of American Football is hard to capture with a casino slot game, yet there are several brilliant slots which do just that! When it comes to soccer, the World Cup Slots tournament last summer has heightened interest in the sport on the other side of the Pacific. Who can forget showmen like Ronaldo or the eventual winners France? The excitement of that tournament is ably reproduced in slot game format. Below we will have a look a two American Football slots called Gridiron Glory Slots and Game Day. We will also be taking a more comprehensive look at three soccer themed slots called Football Frenzy Slots, The Champions Slots and Super Soccer. All four slots are brilliant examples of casino slots encapsulating the wonderful qualities of both versions of football, the European and American.

Gridiron Glory: American Football at its Greatest

Gridiron Glory slots epitomise American Football with its realistic graphics and exciting gameplay. The game has a rather unusual layout with 3-reels and a considerable number of ways to win with 243 of them! Gridiron Glory has a theme populated by the engaging game character symbols which include lots of references to American Football. The game has high stakes and higher payouts! The choice of betting options is comprehensive enough to be of interest to high and low rollers alike. The game is full of brilliant special features such as Wilds, Scatters, Multipliers, Free Spins and bonus rounds, all the things players love. The theme is immersive and engaging enough to retain interest for an extended period of time. The whole experience is extremely enjoyable, and the slot sets the standards for other football themed slots. Gridiron Glory slots also has a mobile version of the game which can either be downloaded to a mobile device, or desktop PC. Alternatively, you can opt to play using Flash technology based Instant Play mode, with no waiting required. The game serves up an unmatchable American Football themed slot with hot wagering, which is also atmospheric and immersive.

Game Day: The Big Day Has Come

Game Day is another high-quality slot game based on American Football. It too has a brilliant theme heavily referencing the beautiful sport. The game incorporates excellent casino action surrounded by the beautiful atmospherics of football. Loaded with footballing imagery and game symbols representing that. Expect to find game icons including players, jerseys and football related memorabilia. Game Day slots serves players up with 20 pay lines and 5-reels. The fantastic action incorporated into the game includes lucrative payouts, multiple possibilities and chances to win. The wagering is broad-ranging enough to be attractive to most players with penny wagering and high limits as well. The mobile version does justice to the game having been fully optimised for mobile devices. Game Day can pay out a maximum of 15,000x the wager if all five top paying symbols land on the reels. The bonus round is activated by getting just two Bonus symbols on the reels. Game Day is an excellent example of a satisfying mixture of American Football and high-octane casino action.

Super Soccer: Penalty Kings

The Europeans call soccer football, and the game is actually played only with the feet, touching the ball with the hand leads to an infringement, unless you are the goalkeeper, of course. Super Soccer manages to capture the best elements of soccer and translate them into an entertaining and exciting casino slot game. Super Soccer sports several exciting bonus features and serves up multiple winning opportunities during the main match. You can even score with each spin, and the 30 pay lines contribute significantly to the wagering choices. There are also 5-reels to accommodate all the game symbols as they land to create winning combinations. The value-adding bonus features include Wilds, Scatter symbols, and Free Spin. The top game jackpot is a hugely impressive 25,000 coins that can be won randomly with a single spin, providing you are betting coins on all the 30 pay lines, no matter the value. The backdrop is a majestic soccer stadium packed with screaming, yelling fans cheering on their favourite team. The pay lines are located on either side of the spinning reels, appearing in various colours. The wagering can be set by using the intuitive control buttons, and the most of the gaming action is made up of players taking shots at goal. The players from both teams attack each other, just like the real thing. The referee controls the flow of the soccer game and the slot game as well. When a team scores a goal, the referee blows his piercing whistle dramatically to signal the goal that starts the crowd celebrating. For added dramatical effect, the game symbols take the form of high card values appearing as soccer footballs! The game provides incredible payouts and high-level gaming action. This one is really unmissable if you love soccer and slots.

Football Frenzy: Soccer Fever

Football Frenzy is another excellent slot creating centring around soccer/football. The game really does provide a feverish, Frenzy paced game with lots of action from one end of the field of players to the other, and one side of the slot to the other. The theme is unmistakable and unmissable. The action is from start to end. The betting system is well designed and easy to control via the standard control buttons. The game has a typical layout including 5-reels, but nothing is ordinary about the 50 pay lines! It is a progressive jackpot slot game, which means the payouts can reach astronomical proportions! Packed with fabulous prizes and winning opportunities, Football Frenzy sets the reels spinning and the casino action set at a high level! The amusing symbols include cute items like a football fan’s scarf, a whistle, the soccer ball, players, a goalkeeper, a black-clad referee and similar iconic symbols of the game of soccer. The game has some beautiful special features such as the Scattered Stadia and the Wild Football Striker. The prizes come with multipliers that boost the wins even more, and there are two distinct ways to play Football Frenzy. There is the Striker Mode and the Lucky Mode. They both provide one and a half hours worth of footballing action in slot format with top-notch casino action. You get to compete for free games, multipliers and, of course, the high paying random progressive jackpot. The bonus round is an engaging penalty shoot-out with the winner taking all, and the prizes get better and better the more you manage to score. It all very exciting, and potentially rewarding too. There is a minimum wager amount of $0.50, and a high maximum betting limit of $250. High rollers will love that, while penny wagering options will satisfy novices and low-rollers.

The Champions: We Are the Champions

The Champions slot is a brilliant football themed game which really stands out. The 5-reels at joined by 25 pay lines for betting purposes and the game serves up a satisfying football adventure that sets it well apart from the competition. A game for champions, The Champions slots comes up trumps with its glorious football theme filled with thrilling football and casino action combined. The game is a wonderful celebration of the most famous football league tournament in the world; the World Cup! The action provides players with a perfect match for one of the most popular sports in the world, soccer. It has everything one would expect including a finely tuned and fully optimised mobile version that is fully compatible with all iOS and Android devices and their respective operating systems. The graphics are displayed beautifully and clearly with the mobile version including all the features and functions of the desktop version. The Champions is worth a shot!