World Cup Slots

World Cup slots serves up a tremendous footballing atmosphere centred around the cup of champions; The World Cup. The game was created and developed by Amigotechs, and it is in keeping with previous releases, offering the same high standards of visual excellence. The used are a lively bunch and add the variety and colour to the gameplay. Inspired by the World Cup event, the football extravaganza that takes place once every four years. The slot has 21 pay lines along with the regular 5-reels for wagering. With a top maximum betting limit of over $60 per spin, the game has a pretty wide range of betting option. Let's have a look at the game on greater detail, shall we?

Symbols of Football

The symbols are closely related to the sport and populate the reels with colourful animations throughout the game. World Cup-themed slot games are really in demand as the popularity of football is ever on the increase. The hot reels of this game, have been beautifully decorated with images of world famous and favourite football stars. Among the more well-known players, expect to find Lionel Messi, Fernando Torres along with Brazil and Germany superstars. They all add to the exciting collection of referees' whistles, football boots, footballs, a map of the world, a goal symbol, the world cup trophy, the country of Africa, and the Holy Grail of football; the golden World Cup.

How to Play the Game: 3 Different Modes

The game has three different modes to play the game. The basic mode, betting 5, or betting 40. It is mandatory to start with the basic mode. As soon as there is a winning payout of 4 coins, they will be transferred to credit meter with the Collect, or the Save buttons. During the primary stage, two chips are automatically wagered, resulting in a win or lose situation. The lucky winning combination that can materialise will turn up on just one pay line, except for the star symbol. Bet 5 is the second mode of play, and kicks in when four, or more game tokens have been accumulated and placed in one or more of the four available banks. The coins used during this play mode round all come from the credit meter and other game meters. The coins taken from the onscreen credit meter are then added to the lowest amount of credits. Two out of five credits are always taken out from the meters, and have reasonably high value coins compared with the other meters. Winnings of 200 or over, will always be placed into the credit meter and will never be lost. The start button can transfer the chips into those banks which have less than four chips. The Choose Game function is used to roll back to the basic mode. The Bet 40 option is much more similar to the Bet 5 mode. It permits players to wager by using a minimum of 40 coins. The nudge function is the hallmark and offers the most excitement and chances. The Bet 40 operates a moderate shift to the top reels after a spin, on condition that there is a winning combination gained with three steps. In the event that the bankroll falls below the 40 mark, players are able to top up from the credit bank, by using the Start button. Players can switch to either of the previous two modes by using the Choose Game button.

Wagering Madness

World Cup Slots offers a somewhat unorthodox wagering system. There are the standard 5-reels, and 21 active pay lines join them. The coin sizes vary from as low as 1 cent, increasing like so, $0.05, $0.10, $0.20, $0.50, up to a maximum coin size of $1.00. Players can put up to three coins on the pay lines, bringing the maximum wager up to $63 per spin.

World Cup Jackpot, Bonus & Free Spins

World Cup Slots incorporates a splendid jackpot that can be claimed if players manage to collect all five world cups trophy symbols on active pay lines. Betting the maximum coins and coin values will increase the probabilities of winning the jackpot payout. Boots, whistles and footballs pay out in some form or other by landing three, or more Africa symbols activate the exceptional free spins round. Landing three, or more of the bonus map symbols triggers the outstanding bonus round. The features are satisfying and Grubb further possibilities for players to win a payout.

Mobile Cup Magic

The mobile version of this game is an impressive piece of work. It functions flawlessly on most modern day tablets and smartphones on the market. It is fully compatible with most common operating systems. Furthermore, the game can be downloaded or played in Instant Play mode for added convenience and minimal waiting time.


This World Cup slot is just the ticket players are looking for if they want a pleasant blend of casino action mingled with the beautiful game of football. The game serves up an unusual system of play. The bonuses and free spins are satisfying and add value and extra chance to win a payout of sorts. The symbols fit in nicely the overall theme of creating a fantastic footballing ambience. The mobile version of the slot game allows players to play on the go, in complete freedom. If you are looking for a different breed of slot game, look no further than World Cup Slots!