Gridiron Glory Slots

Gridiron Glory brings the magic of American Football right to your device this brilliantly designed 3-reel slot with an enormous 243 pay lines along with 3 rows for the symbols. The theme captures the exciting essence of the fabulous sport of American Football with a creative and stylish game design and excellent gameplay. The game symbols are a motley collection of football jerseys, players and impressive references to the sport of giants. You will need courage and persistence, determination and resolve, yet the stakes are high and the payouts even higher! The wagering serves up a great collection of betting options for all types of players and the game has some outstanding special features. There are free spins, bonus rounds, multipliers, Wilds and Scatters, all the magic casino features players have come to love. The atmosphere envelopes the wagering beautifully to create an incredible gaming experience which is both immersive and exciting. Gridiron Glory slots places you right in the field of play, where all the sporting and wagering bone-crunching action is. With an enormous 243 ways to win, there is indeed no shortage of high-octane gambling excitement. The mobile version of Gridiron Glory Is a fantastic addition and players will love its smooth and efficient gameplay. There is the option of downloading the game or playing in Instant Play mode. Whichever option you happen to choose, it will do justice to the game by bringing out all the excellent inherent game qualities with brilliantly vibrant graphics and impressive sound effects and music. Let’s take a closer look at the intricacies of the game, shall we?

Symbols of Pride & Guts

Various football jerseys with letters and numbers on them. The Wild is the aggressive looking football player. He will expand to envelop the whole reel. There is another football player performing a touchdown and another about to throw the ball. There is also a referee symbol. The Scatter symbol is ably represented by the football icon. The two most potent symbols are the Scatter, and the Wild represented here by the Football symbol and the Football Player icon respectively. All the symbols combine well on the reels to provide a sensational casino experience with all the bells and whistles!

Special Symbols & Features

The two super-powerful game symbols create exceptional winning chances and intense excitement and gameplay. The Wild symbol will appear stacked on the reels to replace many other regular symbols to produce wins. It cannot, however, substitute the Scatter. Whenever the Wild Footballer appears, expect Superbowl-sized winning payouts which could occur on multiple reels! On the other hand, when three of the Scatter symbols end up landing on the reels, the free spins will be activated. Without the unique features, the game would not be as powerful as it is now. They add immeasurable value and entertainment as they can herald spectacular payouts and brilliant action, such as the exceptional free spins mentioned here below.

Free Spins & Pompom Reels Bonus

Once you get three or more Scatters, the action really begins in earnest. Players can trigger as many as 15 free spins which can lead to exceptional payouts. When collecting a payout prize that comes after a winning combination, and the winning symbols will get covered by beautiful cheerleader pom poms. In doing so, they will miraculously be replaced by new symbols which fall into place. This will lead to additional winking chances that can boost the eventual payouts tremendously. If you are one of those particular players who love free spins, then this is your game. They can be accessed quite frequently with the help of the friendly Scatter symbol when it turns up on the spinning reels of glory. It is not just the winning possibilities, but the extreme fun while doing so.

Betting Options & Game Controls

So now we know what the theme and game are all about, let’s have a close look at the wagering options, shall we? The action is entirely centred around the payout of 3-reels, 243 pay lines, and 3 rows of symbols. The only coin size is $0.50. Despite that, the maximum bet amount rises to a rather high $100 per spin. 10 coins may be placed each pay line which accounts for the upper limit. The great thing about the wagering system is that it will appeal to most types of players due to its wide variance of bets. They start out low, at just a few cents per spin, rising impressively to $100 a turn. High rollers will live that one, and novices can take comfort in the penny wagering options. The whole betting process is controlled by using the on-screen control buttons located just beneath the reels. They allow for complete customisation and regulating of the bets. The game buttons are all easy to understand and use as they are very intuitive and straightforward. The AutoPlay button is a comfortable feature and allows players to sit back and relax as the reels spin their way to a victorious payout. Controlling the wagering is a pleasurable and exciting experience, especially if you manage to win a hefty payout!

Gutsy Mobile Version

Another big positive is the brilliantly structured mobile version of the game. It has been designed especially for tablets and smartphones. It works on iOS, Android, and Windows devices and their own operating systems. The game has been modified and streamlined so it will provide maximum enjoyment while on the go. Players have the quick option of playing using Instant Play mode, or they can opt to download the slot game to their mobile device, or desktop/laptop at home, or work! Players can effectively access and play the game as long as there are adequate WiFi capabilities. With fast loading time, vibrant and bright graphics, the game plays wonderfully on any mobile device, be it a smartphone, or a tablet. These days more and more players are opting to use a mobile device as their initial choice for playing online casino games. The mobile version of Gridiron Glory slots will surely not disappoint any player.


Gridiron Glory Slots has it all and passes it all on to players. The special features really make a big difference, and the wagering is easy and smooth to control by using the on-screen game control buttons. There is even a convenient AutoPlay function accessed via the game controls which allows players to set as many auto spins as they want while sitting back and watching the spectacle of the reels spinning to winning glory! The symbols realistically recreate the beauty of American Football, and they combine well to provide winning combinations reasonably frequently, yet modestly. There are big wins to be had, especially if the Wild or Scatter are involved. The football theme is pretty atmospheric and realistic with immersive qualities as well. The mobile version has all the features and functions of its desktop counterpart, and they are pushed to the forefront on a good-quality mobile device. The mobile version of the game does its job admirably and loads up super-fast. Experience the unexpected with Gridiron Glory slots. It provides a well structured and enjoyable casino game with lots of winning opportunities and truckloads of entertainment and fun. Play Gridiron Glory and feel the power of winning!