Bovada March Madness Odds

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March Madness Schedule

The NCAA Division I Men's Basketball season begins in November before concluding with the March Madness tournament in 2023. Ahead of the season, here are the key March Madness 2023 dates to keep hold of you, so you know precisely when the college basketball betting action is taking place. The March Madness competition begins on Selection Sunday and ends with the Championship final.

March Madness Spreads

The popular March Madness betting is the point spread. The list of tournament lines will be published daily and posted with the spreads. One team will be the favorite; to cash in, they'll have to win by a certain number of points. For the underdog to cash in, they'll win or lose by fewer points. For example, if North Carolina is a 1.5-point favorite, they would have to win by at least 2 points to cover. Usually, one team or the other will win a basketball game against the spread, and if it's a spread, the game has a flat number or a whole number, and the favorite wins by exactly that number of points, it's called a push, and all wagers will return to the bettors.

March Madness Moneylines

The moneyline bet expresses the March Madness super odds. Instead of betting against the spread, you bet on one team to win the game straight-up. For example, if the Tar Heels are -125 favorites on the moneyline odds and you place a moneyline bet on them, they need to win the game for your chance to win. If you want to bet on the underdog and hope he gets upset, you'll make money with moneyline bets as long as your favorite team comes through.

March Madness Over/Under Betting

Also known as the total, the over and under continues to grow in popularity on the March Madness lines. All you need to do is bet on whether the combined final score goes over or under the total. For example, the over and under for a match might be 140 points. The underbet would win if there were fewer than 140 points, and the overbet would win if it were more. If the two teams have a combined score of exactly 140 points, it would be a push with all money returned, like in spread betting.

March Madness Futures

A futures bet will win a future event and award. The unique March Madness Futures have the best odds to win. The futures betting odds will be available once only two teams remain in the competition.

March Madness Prop Bets

Proposition bets allow you to place wagers on something besides the eventual outcomes of games. In contrast, player props will ask you to wager on a specific individual performance, like how many points a player will score in a particular game. March Madness props are incredible, so expect more on the odds board as the tournament draws closer to the final National Championship Game.

March Madness Parlay Betting

If you place several straight bets on the college basketball bet lines, you'll increase your payout potential by combining fourteen lines with one stake bet, which is the parlay bet. Your payout will rise if you get all your picks right, and you can win over 2,300x your triggering wager with a fourteen-team parlay at Bovada Sportsbook. However, you must get every choice correct for your parlay to pay. It is about managing your risks versus your potential s, and several players prefer two-team parlay bets. They combine their spread and their totals from one match. The teams refer to the Over or Under and the basketball court teams.

March Madness Teaser Betting

A teaser is a parlay that lets you move every line by a certain number of points. For example, you can tease by 4 to 6 points when dealing with tournament lines. The maximum team limit for a teaser bet is ten, compared to fourteen for standard parlays. In addition to teasers, there are unique sweetheart teasers where you can move the lines by ten or even thirteen points. Added restrictions apply here; a ten-point teaser must contain a minimum of three teams, while a 13-point sweetheart teaser requires at least four groups.

March Madness Live Betting

All the betting options are to take advantage of the March Madness odds while a game is in progress, and you can access the spectacular March Madness gaming options via Live Tab over the odds page. A window will open on your screen with the running points and spreads, the money lines, and totals. The betting lines update throughout the games. Other prop bets seem like the following point, a free throw, a 2-pointer, or a 3-pointer, or whether a particular player will make his next shot.

March Madness Betting Tips

It takes a certain amount of cunning and strategy to beat the March Madness lines and make a little money during the NCAA Tournament, but you don't have to be a rocket scientist. And at this time of year, countless recreational bettors want to put a few dollars into their favorite teams without putting too much effort into strategy. So naturally, there will be more of these bettors as you get deeper into the tournament and the games get more critical; the Elite Eight odds will be more accessible.

An important thing with the March Madness betting is that it's not you against the sportsbook. Your competition is the other bettors in the market; if they put too much money on one team, the book will move the odds to get more bets on the other team to balance and make it easier to win, no matter the final score. So if you're considering making a bet on the March Madness futures market, your best value will be with something other than the teams at the top; look further down the NCAAB championship odds list for a quality team with less brand-name recognition. A huge March Madness betting tip is to review expert basketball journalists' March Madness brackets and look for the upsets. The lower-numbered sources are often at-large teams from big-name conferences like the ACC and the Big Ten. Those at-large teams could be better and may lack motivation at the Big Dance if they had more enormous expectations for themselves coming into the new season.

Madness betting NCAA

You now know about the structure of the match itself, the different ways you can bet on March Madness, and the betting fundamentals that will help you with your March Madness picks. For more information, consult the ever-growing treasure trove of college basketball articles and analysis here at Bovada, and best of luck on the hardcourt this year.