Bovada Soccer

To bet on a soccer match, click on the Soccer tab at the top of the Bovada homepage. From there, you'll see all the upcoming tournaments available for betting. Then, to place a bet, click on the odds next to the match you want to bet on at Bovada. Doing so will add that match to your bet slip, which is available on the right side of the screen. From there, enter your bet amount and click Place Bet. That's it! You've now placed a bet on a soccer match.

Soccer Betting Tips: Statistics And Results

You should check which players are in top form rather than backing a player who hasn't scored in ten games! That brings us to injuries and suspensions, as they regularly pave the way for tactical changes. That changes the odds of him scoring first. The state of any player will be a crucial factor in whether he achieves first.

Form of Teams

In a broader sense, the same applies to the team's overall form. If the team has a strong attack force, the chances that the team will score first are enhanced. Some groups are notorious for scoring last-minute goals, cutting early, and sitting back to defend the lead. That team could be a good pick for a first goalscorer bet. It can also dramatically affect the last goalscorer's odds, apart from those of the first. Dead ball specialists and, better still, a defender who takes penalties and free kicks would provide higher odds and value.

Head to Head

The head-to-head record between the teams can suggest which players are more influential against some teams, so checking their head-to-head record can throw up pointers. Some strikers struggle against certain opposition, and bottom-placed groups can fight like lions to overcome the odds and create an upset.

Derby Matches

Derby matches are always hotly contested, and you should consider the opponent's tactics. Does the team park the bus in front of the goal? Are they a physical team that tends to give away free kicks and penalties? A player may be returning from a long injury lay-off. He may not be able to complete a full 90 minutes.

Soccer Bet Types

These are all valuable tips to keep in mind before embarking on first goalscorer betting.

Win Cast Bet

You can try a Wincast bet, which is among the most common to combine with a first goalscorer bet. It pays you when you forecast the initial goalscorer and the victorious team. In addition, you can regularly get the latest predictions and tips to enhance the Wincast market across the major European leagues like the Premier League, the Champions League, Italian Serie A, and more.


You can bet on a match result with a scorecast. It is slightly more complicated than a win-cast wager. It would help if you predicted the first goalscorer and the exact game score. Finally, you can use the three bets rolled into one, whereby they all need to come through to win a payout. They are a combination of the first goalscorer, the winner of the game, and the correct score.

First Goalscorer Team

You can bet on the team's first goalscorer, which is a slightly easier market to bet on than just the first goalscorer. That means even if another player from the opposing team scores first, you still win the bet if your chosen team's player scores. However, you will have to name the first goalscorer for a specific group. Therefore, it is worth informing yourself about related goalscorer bets. But, are linked markets that you cannot combine with multiple wagers. For instance, you cannot bet on a first goalscorer and the winning team as a double bet.

The first goalscorer component of the bet provides an increased likelihood of that teaming eventually winning as we decreased the probability of that team losing. To combine goalscorer markets correctly with others, like the match result or correct score, you need to use scorecasts and wincasts. Such wagers will have lower odds than if you combine both markets into a conventional double bet. These reduced odds reflect an adjustment for such a contingency. Therefore, both bets will incorporate the possibility of a team winning in the component of the odds pricing. Even when individual goalscorer odds are low, these bets can provide tremendous value.

Accumulator Bets

Accumulator Bets are a selection of several bets based on football's first goalscorer predictions. The accumulated odds are multiplied into an accumulator, parlay, or multi-bet to boost your odds. Attackers invariably have lower odds since they generally score the bulk of goals. You can find no goalscorer bets whereby you effectively bet on a 0-0 score, although you can also win if the only goal is your own.

Betting on Extra Time

When you bet on extra time at Bovada, you're essentially betting on whether or not the game will go to penalties. You can bet on yes, and the game will go to penalties, or no, and the game won't. The odds for each option will be available before you place your bet. If you bet on yes and the game goes to penalties, you'll win your bet. If you bet on no and the game doesn't go to penalties, you'll also win your bet. However, if you bet on yes and the game doesn't go to penalties, or you bet on no, and the game does go to penalties, you'll lose your bet. It's as simple as that! Betting on extra time can be a great way to add some excitement to otherwise dull soccer games. Furthermore, it is a viable way to profit, providing an understanding of the process and risks. Bovada's easy-to-use platform makes placing a bet on extra time quick and easy.