Bovada Vouchers

There are many benefits to using Bovada Vouchers, and you can purchase them, sell or swap them with other players. You can initiate trades with other players from within the Bovada Community. You can do that by searching the Bovada community for Voucher Transfer posts and searching for members willing to sell their vouchers. You can express an interest and indicate you'd like to provide additional details with a Private Message on social media. Next up is sending the user your message and coordinating the voucher trade. You'll likely get a swift response and don't need to proceed until you thoroughly review the terms in How to Coordinate Voucher Trades in Private Messages. You can also contact customer care in the Help Center.

You can post your Voucher Transfer as a specific topic in the Bovada community. You can reveal the price you'll willingly buy or sell with a viable online transaction method for the funds. You'll only need to wait a short while before the seller responds. If the voucher seller meets your requirements, you can review the terms under the How to Coordinate Voucher Trades in Private Message subject within the Help and Support Center.

How to Send Bovada Vouchers

If you follow the straightforward steps to create your Voucher, you'll have no problems. Visit the withdrawal page on the Bovada site and head to your casino account. You can choose the Voucher icon, which represents your withdrawal option. Next, input the voucher amount you'd like to withdraw. There's a minimum limit of $10, and the maximum is $3,000. Next, you'll need to click the Request Withdrawal tab. Bovada will send you an instant confirmation via email informing you that your withdrawal is proceeding. You'll receive the voucher code details within 24 to 48 hours after submission. Once Bovada processes your withdrawals, you'll receive another email with your unique Voucher details. You may transfer your Voucher code to any player at Bovada so they can remit your payment.

How to Deposit Bovada Vouchers

It's pretty uncomplicated to deposit your Voucher at Bovada. Visit the Depositing and Cashier page and select the Voucher emblem as your preferred depositing option. Input your Voucher code, and the funds will appear directly in your Bovada Casino account. The site will send you confirmation of the transfer. Thanks to your Bovada Voucher top-up from another player, you can commence the wagering action.

How to Cash Out Bovada Vouchers

You can quickly cash out your Bovada voucher and remit funds from your Bovada account to other users on the site. Start by clicking the profile symbol on the top of any page, and press the Withdraw tab. Select Voucher as your choice from the available payment methods. You can then enter the amount plus any additional info you wish to relay and click the Request Withdrawal button. Next, check your email inbox, as you'll undoubtedly receive confirmation from Bovada roughly 24 hours before you send your Voucher to the identical´┐╝ email. Once the site approves your trade, you'll get an email from Bovada with a code to share with other players. They'll use the voucher code to deposit the funds into their account. The transaction will appear immediately within the balance.

Voucher Limitations

You cannot redeem vouchers with a bonus; the minimum and maximum withdrawal and deposit limits are $10 and $3,000, respectively. Any voucher codes that remain unclaimed within six months will be invalid. Any funds you have that connect to those vouchers will disappear after the expiry date. Providing you have a Bovada account, you can deposit using Voucher codes. The withdrawer can re-deposit the money with the code you provide. Bovada doesn't compel anyone to pay fees for withdrawing funds with vouchers or for player transfers.