Ignition Poker: Tons of Money

Ignition Casino will soon add a special feature to their online gambling world as they include poker to their facilities on the 30th of September. The casino will provide irresistible bonuses and offers that might turn poker into the biggest sensation that the casino has offered yet.

2 Million Guaranteed Offer

Players will get to share a huge award of 2 million dollars every week in various tournaments and poker-connected games. Every day of the week provides a different challenge with a huge reward for the one who claims the number one spot. Monday can offer you a 4000 dollars' event, a 7,500 dollars' tournament and another 4000 dollars' competition. Tuesdays offer one tournament for 7,500 dollars. On Wednesday you can compete for the same tournament for 7,500-dollar event. On Thursday, you got a 4000 dollars' tournament and a huge 10,000-dollar competition. Friday is also quite full-a 4000-dollar event, the big 10,000-dollar contest and another 4000-dollar event that actually runs for the whole week. However, the weekend is where things get absolutely crazy. There is a 7000-dollar tournament throughout both days, then there is another 2-day 10,000-dollar awarding competition and then yet another 7000-dollar contest again during the weekend and then exclusively on Sunday, you will get to experience a humongous 30,000 dollar-awarding event. Too much to take in? It's all fun and so much of it can be yours if you get in on the action.

100 000 Guaranteed

The best tournament that Ignition will provide, which is connected to poker is the 100 000 dollars guaranteed. It will take place every Sunday (which is forming up to be the best day ever) at 4 PM ET, with the first pay out amounting to 20 000 dollars in the very least. Qualifying for the tournament will be very easy and requires poker points and a minimum amount of 1 dollar and of course a consistent play throughout the week. Another way is to simply pay the 162 dollars to enter directly.

1100 Welcome Bonus

Forget about the tournaments for a second because in ignition you can be crawling in money solely through the great efficiency of the bonuses that are provided to newcomers. The welcome bonus is 100 percent and it can reach up to 1000 dollars. Players can claim it easily as they contribute with their first deposit. As soon as you download the poker software you will also receive 100 percent on your initial deposit and it can reach as high as 100 dollars so all together you get a solid 1100 dollars of a welcome gift from the website if you are a poker player. Not that it really matters in comparison to the whole sum but you also get a pleasant boast of 10 dollars just for signing up on the site.

Even More Bonuses

Ignition Casino is not done there when it comes down to poker. There are three more bonuses you should be looking out for and these are the Royal Flush Bonus, the Bad Beat Bonus and the Swap Your Poker Bonus. The Royal Flush can reach up to 200 dollars and you get it when you play Texas Hold'em. The Bad Beat bonus is awarded when you land a strong hand and you get defeated anyway. A hand like that may initially feel very unfortunate but the site may award you 1000 dollars for it. You can just feel yourself wanting to lose badly after such an offer. The final bonus allows you to swap your poker points for money with 200 points equaling a dollar.

Brilliant New Ignition Download Poker

Ignition Casino is really on the ball. One brilliant improvement after another brings this fabulous, full-featured online poker room. The poker room is fully accessible to US players and Ignition has absorbed Bovada and its assets. Ignition Poker is fully licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. There are multiple versions of poker on offer to suit all tastes and bankrolls. You will find classics like Texas Hold'em, Omaha Poker and 7-Card Stud poker among many others. You can expect great competitions and exclusive events at Ignition Poker among with some exciting special bonuses.

Welcome Poker Bonus

New players signing up at Ignition Casino will be welcomed with up to $1,000 of exclusive poker bonuses. The minimum deposit at Ignition is just $20, with the poker bonus being worth 100% of your initial deposit. This essentially doubles your starting balance, and you can deposit anything between $20 and $1,000. You can also deposit using Bitcoin which facilitates things tremendously. All your deposits on your first-day count towards the welcome bonus. If you deposit $100 first and $50 later, your bonus will amount to $150. What's more, there are no fees for withdrawing or depositing when using Bitcoin to fund your account. There are many other value adding bonuses on offer and they spice up the play immeasurably.

Claiming the Bonuses

Poker bonuses are dished out over the next 30 days and based on your Poker Points earned during that period. Poker bonus money is pre-cleared; nevertheless, you will need to play through the bonus money just once before withdrawing it all. The accumulated PP for each of the milestones ranges from $5 at 15 PP, to $350 at 10,000 PP.

Ignition Accepts Bitcoin

Ignition Poker does not charge any transaction fees when you deposit or withdraw using Bitcoin. You can set up an eWallet and purchase Bitcoin from Coinbase. You can then start using Blockchain.info to act as your designated and own Bitcoin wallet. Of course, should you prefer, there are other banking options on offer as well.

Ignition Software & Lobby

The software is really a breeze to use and pleasant on the eye. It is almost identical to Bovada's old, but brilliant poker room software, so not much has really changed in that department. The software is polished, efficient and fast offering a stable and excellent experience. The playing area is amazing, and the tables look realistic and vibrant, as do the cards, which are clear and very easy to recognise. You can personalise the board table and the back of the cards. The software first needs to be downloaded to and installed on your PC. The downloadable software supports all features including the multi-play up of to three tables. Playing on several poker tables at the same time either both or all three will appear on your screen. The primary one you are currently playing on is larger than the others, and you can quickly change from one table to the other with extreme ease. You also get a useful, built-in statistics window on the screen that is continually updated according to the table currently in play.

Mobile Poker App

Ignition Pokeralso offers a fantastic and well designed mobile app to go alongside the desktop software. It can be accessed via the Apple and Android stores and downloaded for free. It is a much better option than just saving the link to your mobile. The app fully supports smartphones and tablets, and if you happen to have an iPad or 10-inch Android tablet, the experience is exceptional and akin to the desktop one. On a smartphone, the experience is still satisfying despite the smaller screen, and using a high-quality one will improve the graphics and speed of loading. Unfortunately, the multi-table play is not yet supported on the mobile app.

Tournament Offer: Swap Poker Points

Ignition will award you Poker Points for any tournament ticket purchase you make using cash. Alternatively, you could earn them based on any rake you get during a ring game provided you have contributed to the existing pot. You can convert as many as five million PPs into tournament tickets each month. The basic rate of exchange is 200 PP to $1 of tournament buy-in value. Several tournaments may already have promotions connected to them that will make the exchange rate even more favourable. Multiple tournament offers and bonuses are on offer at Ignition Poker, with all players in mind. You get all the best games and bonuses. The software is streamlined and once you download it to your PC, or download the native app, you will discover what real poker is like in a competitive tournament environment. With a solid and robust banking service operable players get a good choice, including Bitcoin and all the advantages it offers. Everything is fully protected by state of the art encryption and antivirus software so you can rest assured all your confidential information remains safely under lock and key.