US Blackjack

Playing Blackjack at US casinos is even more exciting than ever now thanks to the limited but exceptionally good casinos that welcome US players. US Blackjack comes in many forms but the most popular games are the standard Blackjack which is often known as Blackjack Royale and Multi - hand Blackjack. Whichever you choose to play, you will be drawn in to the ease of play, online help from online casinos and of course the thrill and chance to win some great amounts of money. Blackjack is one of the only Card games where you can make a difference and actually have a say in the outcome by the cards you are dealt and if you choose to add to them or stand. Thanks to innovative software and advances in technology it is possible to play US Blackjack at a downloadable casino or directly from the web browser of your chosen casino where there is instant play. Play US Blackjack at reputable online casinos where you can play both downloading and Instant Flash version : LibertySlots US Casino. You can even play Blackjack at mobile casinos from your mobile phone or hand held device. Playing Blackjack has been made so simple, convenient and easy to play now, thanks to innovative technology and the internet.

Remember 21 is the Number when Playing US Blackjack

Blackjack is not a difficult game to grasp and with just one small lesson you can be turning the cards over and winning the all important 21 or Blackjack. The aim of the game is to try and get as close to or have the winning 21 numerical value from the cards. Any hand over 21 is known as bust and the game is over for you or the dealer. A Blackjack which is made up of an Ace and a face card such as a king, Queen or Jack. You can also reach the 21 numerical value with three or more cards but then this is not considered Blackjack and just a regular win. In order to start the game you need to place you bet. Values can range from a few cents to up to $50 or more per chip. Once you have placed your bet value you can click on the deal button and the cards are dealt to you and the dealer. If you are playing Multi- hand Blackjack, you have up to 4 hands to choose and play with. Once the cards are dealt you can often have the chance of taking insurances which costs you half of your bet but insures against the dealer getting Blackjack which is an instant win for him and a loss for you. If you do not take insurance then you can proceed and look at your cards and decide if you want to stand, i.e. take no more cards, hit, which is taking another card or double which is doubling your bet and taking one extra card. Once you have decided on your game play and have finished with your cards, the dealer then reveals his cards and the winner is determined.

Bonus Blackjack and Additional Features

There are a number of different versions of Blackjack which can be played and also which offer additional and different betting options. In some US Blackjack games you can also choose to split your cards and make another bet of the same value which is called a split bet, if you have identical cards. Although this gives you more of a chance as it adds another hand, it can also cost you more. Surrender is an option in some versions of US Blackjack where you can choose to surrender the cards you have and lose half of your bet before the dealer has even shown his cards. Bonus Blackjack is one of the most exciting versions of Blackjack in that you can place an additional side bet which is a bet on a certain configuration of cards, for example a Jack of Spades and Ace of Spades pays out 50:1 which is an enormous added bonus to your game. Whichever version of Blackjack you choose to play, you are sure to be enthralled and entertained while at the same time enjoy a game where you can win in every sense of the word at US blackjack casinos.