Top Bitcoin Casinos

There can be little doubt that the rise in popularity of Bitcoin casinos over recent months has surprised many. The value of the cryptocurrency has gone through the roof. With a starting price of just $1 per Bitcoin in January 2009, when it was first launched, the value of one Bitcoin peaked at $15,200 in December 2017. It was only a matter of time before the benefits and advantages Bitcoin has to offer came to the attention of online casinos. The anonymity Bitcoin provides a significant benefit. So too are it's stability, growth potential and value. As things stand, there are many online casinos that are jumping on the Bitcoin bandwagon. As usual, it becomes harder to find the quality casinos out there, with such a lot now offering Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. Sifting through the sheer quantity, to find the best online casinos offering Bitcoin, is like finding a needle in a haystack. That's where we come in. We check them all out, only recommending the ones who are genuinely high quality, online casinos.

Qualities of a Good Casino

Accepting Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies is a step in the right direction. However, there are other crucial factors to take into consideration. Bitcoin usually permits fast withdrawal and depositing times, due to the nature of the cryptocurrency. Factors such as the jurisdiction of registration of the online casino. Whether the casino utilises firewalls, secure remote servers to store players confidential information securely. Crucially, if the casino uses encryption software such as 128-bit, SSL encryption, which is the industry standard. These factors give evidence of a more severe and reliable online casino. Other things to be taken into consideration include; the game selection, and the bonuses. The latter is of particular importance, as one needs to check the wagering requirements. If they are too high, the reward is worth less. In fact, it is crucial to check the wagering requirements before signing up for a casino.

What Players Want

Players often look out for good bonuses, special offers and ongoing promotions at an online casino. Bitcoin casino free spins, with no deposit bonuses, are famous and in demand, as are bitcoin casinos free spins. Players are always on the lookout for such extras. Besides, players search for generous welcome bonus bitcoin casino and check the wagering requirements. Specific Bitcoin Bonuses are becoming more and more commonplace. Casinos often offer Bitcoin bonuses over and above the 'normal' welcome bonus. USA Bitcoin casinos are becoming more sought after. The anonymity factor is too tempting to resist, allowing USA players to wager anywhere, incognito!

Cryptocurrencies: Best of the Rest

Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency with the highest profile and gets the most publicity in the press; however, there are many other cryptocurrencies of note. Litecoin is one of them. A Peer to Peer, cryptocurrency launched in 2011, Litecoin has increased in value steadily and consistently since its launch, making it a hot contender for Bitcoin. Another cryptocurrency that has stormed onto the screen is Ethereum. Launched in 2015, Ethereum has crept up in value, standing at $670 for one Ether in December 2017. The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), executes scripts using an international network of public nodes. The token or coin is called the Ether. Zcash is another popular, cryptocurrency. First introduced in 2016, Zcash has quickly become a contender and serious alternative to Bitcoin. The Zerocoin Electric Coin Company is also referred to as Zcash Company. With one ZEC, the token's name, almost reaching $500 in late 2017, it is growing from strength to strength. Dash was another new cryptocurrency on the scene in 2014. Dash has a Peer to Peer network that's one of the largest in the world. One Dash token is currently worth over $1,000 at the tail end of 2017. Ripple was launched in 2012, starting out healthy, and full of promise and potential. With a current market capitalisation of more than $51 billion, Ripple is the third largest in the world and is quickly catching up with the top two. Montero is last, but by no mean least. Created in 2014, Montero has steadily increased in value and credibility, leading to more and more people turning to Montero as a viable alternative.

Choice, Privacy & Value

Bitcoin is still the leading cryptocurrency at this point. Things may change, what will not change is that Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies of note, are here to stay. The advantages are too numerous to be ignored or forsaken. The key is to find a casino that you can feel confident wagering at. Trust is of paramount importance when dealing with money. When you win, you want to be able to cash out your winnings safely and quickly. Cryptocurrencies facilitate these crucial factors. We have put together a great collection of such casinos. They are safe to wager on, offer Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. They have reasonable terms and conditions, especially regarding wagering requirements.