US Online Gaming Association

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A brand new committee or body has been put together in the US to help with the legislation and regulation of gambling in the US, this will be called the US Online Gambling Association. Until recently many US states did not allow online gambling but with new legislation that has been passed in New Jersey and other states thinking about following suit, the future for online gambling in the US is looking bright. Once a taboo subject for many, gambling in the US is beginning to re-emerge with strict guidelines from each state. The newly formed US Online Gaming Association is a body which in their words is there to “advocate for the legalization and regulation of online gaming in the States"

Carefully Planned Team of Support

This body has not just been thrown together but is made up of three main respected and experienced companies which will offer financial as well as technical support in order to pass online gambling legislation in addition to providing a legitimate and experienced body behind every step. The formation of the US Online Gaming Association has been well thought out and will prove to be a winning team. At the moment this new body is made up of representatives from three main leading and well known companies which include the PKR, Sporting Bet and the Secured American Games association. As a group they have representatives from each company and are headed by the previous executive director of Poker Voters USA , Melanie Brenner who has years of experience behind her. Her aim together with her partners is very clear and hopes to offer a collective voice together with consistent message to the law makers in the US while providing any financial and marketing back up that may be needed.

Aiding the Growth of the US Online Gaming Market

When it comes to online gaming in the US, the whole industry needs a much more positive outlook to it and in order to get this, it must be legitimized in the eyes of the people and of course the law makers. Casinos and software providers cannot do this by themselves which is why a body such as the US Online Gaming Association is the perfect answer and will help the industry grow from a legitimate point of view as well as a popular and financial growth. With the introduction of the US Online Gaming Association, the online gaming industry in the US should grow from strength to strength.