Win Place or Show Slots

Everyone wants to win at games and you get that chance in this game called Win Place or Show. If it reminds you of horse racing, then you're almost close to what this game is all about. But it's not your conventional horse races because this one is a slot machine game with three reels following horse racing as a theme. If you're tired of playing the same old horse racing game, it's high time you start checking out Win Place or Show because it's got lots of fun while giving out one of the highest payouts in the online casino gaming industry.

Win Place or Show Slots - Combinations on the Center Payline

Similar to all other casino games with three reels, Win Place or Show will only look for winning combinations on the center payline. As expected, the central characters in horse races would be the winning symbols for this game. The Gold Cup symbol holds the trophy for the highest payout on the table grid with no less than 500 credit alone for single coin bets. And since a player can wager up to three coin bets for the round, higher payouts are in store for two and three coin bets. The Jockey symbols, three of them, would mean a slightly lower payout but still good at 300, 600 and 900 times your coin bet. In descending order of payout, the other winning symbol combinations are three Horseshoes, three Sevens, three Triple Bars, three Double Bars, three Single Bars, three Cherries, two Sevens and single Seven.

How to increase your odds playing Win Place or Show Slots

If you really want to increase the odds on the slot machine paying out to you, make sure that you avoid the progressive games. Win Place or Show Slots is a traditional slots and if you want to know some tips read our"How to Increase the Odds on the Slot Machine" article.

Win Place or Show Steps to Play

If you're ready to get started with the game, you will have an easy time with this. There are only a few buttons you will need to set yourself up for a round of Win Place or Show. Bet One button allows you to choose how much you want to bet and up to how many. Starting from one to three $0.50 coin bet, a player can get the chance to click on Spin to get the reels turning. Then all you need to do is wait for the resulting combination. You can further simplify this by clicking on Bet Max which bets you three coins and spins the reels for you automatically. There would also be a button for the payout table grid so you know exactly how much you're entitled to for every possible winning symbol combination.

Ready? Go ahead and play now.