Pay Dirt Slots

Do you want to win some money by paying online slot games? Of course you do and at Pay Dirt you have several chances to do just that. This is an incredibly easy yet engaging slot machine game that lets you keep going at it until you drop from exhaustion. The good news is no one can get exhausted with this game because you could just play the game in front of your computer anytime you want to. No closing time to worry about because Pay Dirt is here to stay for US players also at the best online casino brand - Liberty Slots Casino.

Where to play Pay Dirt Slots

Pay Dirt gives you the chance to win no less than twice your coin bet to as much as 2000. Take a chance with the game at new WGT powered LibertySlots casino and you will be rewarded for playing the game one way or another.

Learning the Game Pay Dirt Slots

You must have watched a slot machine game being played before where people sit in front of the machine and get the reels to spin until they stop. One would do the same with the 3 reel progressive slot game called Pay Dirt but this time, a few clicks of the mouse would do the same trick as pulling the lever to spin the reels. In fact, you only need to familiarize yourself with three basic buttons to get the game running. There's the Bet One button that allows you to up your coin bet one notch at a time until you hit the maximum then it automatically starts over with the lowest coin bet. Then hit Spin to make the reels run until they stop. The other button is Bet Max button which bets the maximum coin for the game and gets the reels spinning right after. So this button is a combination of the Bet One and Spin button.

Win with Spin at Pay Dirt Slots

Although the casino software will automatically check for winning combinations, you must be interested to know which combinations to watch out for while playing. Anticipate wins from one, two or three Eyes of Paradise symbols. The rest of the winning symbols such as cherries, single bars, double bars, sevens and money fists need no less than three of the same symbols to win. Just keep going at it with the star, 4-leaf clover and dollar bill symbols as they happen to be non-winning symbols when playing Pay Dirt. The maximum coin bet for this game is three $1 coins but you also have the option to bet just one coin too.