Pros And Cons Of Playing Slot Games With More Paylines

We love paylines! These are the lines you can win prizes on whenever you take part in a slots game. There's a lot to learn about these lines if you haven't played slots before, which is why we thought we'd mention a few key points about them.

They range in quantity from one to 50 or more

Basic three-reel slots sometimes only have one payline each. Meanwhile, bigger slot games can have 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 or more paylines. This means it is usually quite easy to find a game with the right number of lines to suit your budget.

You are always better off covering all the lines - and that can get pricey

There is little point in playing fewer than the maximum number of lines in a game. This is because you might spin the reels and get a winning combination on a line you haven't bet on. That would be disappointing, wouldn't it? So, bet a smaller-valued coin on every line if you can, rather than betting a bigger coin on just a few of them.

The more paylines you play, the more winning chances you get

We prefer games with lots of paylines, simply because you get more chances to win prizes on each spin. It stands to reason that a game with just one payline only gives you one chance to get a prize on every spin. Meanwhile, a game with 50 paylines gives you that many chances, too.

More paylines means a bigger grid of symbols to watch

You will usually play 25 or 30 paylines, and even 40, on a 5 x 3 grid. But the more lines you get, the more likely it is the grid will be bigger. Games with 50+ paylines might well use the 5 x 4 grid format, or even go for a diamond pattern.

More paylines can also mean more features

You never know with this one - it can depend on the game and on the provider. But it is worth watching out for some neat features such as additional bonus elements, as these are easier to fit in when you have lots of lines and a bigger grid to play with.

We love games with lots of paylines, but there are scenarios where they can get awkward to cover. Do you love them, or do you prefer the classics instead?