Progressive Jackpot Slot Games

If you know a few things about online slot games, you will know that some of them feature progressive jackpots. These are called progressive because the amount in the jackpot gets progressively larger as people play. A tiny percentage of every bet placed will go into that pot. Eventually, someone will get lucky and trigger the unknown combination of symbols required to ensure the jackpot comes to them.

We thought we’d look at why you might want to try these games. We think we’ve found three good reasons. Will you agree with them?

You get an additional chance to win on top of the regular prizes

All slots have a jackpot amount – the top prize shown for a combination indicated on the paytable. But the progressive jackpot is given in addition to this. Whatever you see on the paytable, you can be sure the progressive jackpot is something extra you can try and win.

Sometimes there is more than one progressive jackpot to be won

Some games don’t stop at offering one progressive jackpot to the players. Some might have two or more. We have seen as many as five jackpots waiting to be won in some instances.

When there is more than one jackpot, they will usually get progressively larger. So, for example, you might get a midi, mini, minor, major, and mega jackpot. Some slots use different names for these depending on the theme. They might decide to label them according to various characters or elements in the game, for example. Some even have a special bonus round where you can win one of the pots by achieving a certain outcome.

These jackpots can reach life-changing amounts

You never know how big these jackpots will get. Some games build in a trigger which means they must be awarded by the time they hit a certain amount. Others will allow them to build and reach several hundred thousand dollars, or maybe a million dollars or more, before someone triggers them. As such, your life could change if you were to get lucky and trigger a progressive jackpot while playing a slot game.

We tend to prefer slots with these jackpots rather than ones without, purely because someone must win it and you never know if that someone might be you! Who would need any other reasons to play progressive jackpot slots online today?