3 Reasons Why Players Love Penny Slots

Have you ever tried your luck at penny slots? Plenty of slot players have, and you don’t need to live anywhere near a bricks and mortar casino to get the chance to try them yourself. They’re available in impressive numbers at online casinos too.

Here, we’ll explore just some of the reasons why these slots are so popular with lots of players. Are you among them? If you have yet to try them, will you choose these as your favorite slots too?

They’re cheap to play

This is obvious, but still worth mentioning. Not everyone has a huge budget for playing slots, and if you can wager just one penny on each line you play, you can still enjoy the fun of taking part and winning real cash prizes.

The first thing to do when you spot a new game is to look at the coin values it uses. Some go from two cents a line upwards, but others do start at a penny. Just be sure you set the value to one cent – some of them have a default of around 10 cents per line, so it is vital to check this before you play.

Some still have great prizes worth winning

Prizes are typically listed in credits, so you simply multiply the number of credits by the line bet to figure out what you could win if you achieved a winning combination.

Not all penny slots have progressive jackpots available, and some that do require you to place the maximum bid to be in with a shot at winning it. But plenty more allow you the chance to win the jackpot for your penny bet, so you still get the chance to scoop a nice prize if luck is on your side.

You can play for longer

The smaller your bet each spin, the longer your budget will last for. That’s great news if you are playing penny slots, because you can cover all the lines and enjoy a long play on a single game. A five-dollar budget can last for ages on a single-payline penny slot, for example. It even gives you a good run on a 10-line slot, for instance.

Whenever you play penny slots, you get all the excitement of a slot game but without the high wagers. Are these games suited to you? Why not try a few today to see how lucky you might get?