Slot Trilogies from Rival

If you’ve tried your luck at a few Rival Gaming slots before now, chances are you might have noticed they love a sequel or two. There are lots of slots in their collection that have earned the right for a sequel. However, there are two series that each now boast a trilogy of stories to their name.

We’ve reviewed them both here, but we recommend you try them both, starting with the first story in each set. If you love what you see, it’s great to know there are two more games to discover each time.

As the Reels Turn

"As the Reels Turn" sounds like a soap opera, but what we get is drama behind the scenes at the El Paradiso Casino. You can move from one scene to the next by spinning the right icon onto the reels, and the story continues throughout the sequels as well. The second episode is more colorful than the first, while the third continues in that same vein. Ivan the sharp-toothed fish appears in all three (he is our favorite, in case you were wondering!). Start at the beginning and experience all the drama in this casino while looking for prizes to win.

Scary Rich

That’s the challenge in this set of three games from Rival – to try and win a scary rich amount of money! The first Scary Rich game features some familiar figures ion the shape of Dracula and Frankenstein. The cartoon feel of this first game is superseded by some scarier monsters in Scary Rich 2, where coffins, werewolves, and an unnamed-yet-frightening looking monster appear. By the time the third story came along, we were treated to better graphics and a shower of blood on the reels every time you spin them! Each game is worth a shot, but expect them to get scarier as they go along.

Why should you play these trilogies?

Rival Gaming has produced many successful slots, but we think these two trilogies illustrate better than anything else how good they are at producing sequels. Remember, you can try other two-part stories in some of their other titles as well, but these two will stand together as the only two trilogies they have produced thus far.

Will they add to these in the future? We sure hope so. Cosmic Quest and Hole in Won could both join them with just one more title in each collection? Would you like to see that? We sure would!