Are Three-Reel Slots Dull

What comes to mind when you think about a slot game? Do you imagine a game featuring five reels, lots of paylines or way wins, and lots of special features? Many slot players would admit to thinking along those lines. We suspect fewer people would think of the classic one-armed bandit – the slot machine with three reels and maybe just one payline.

So, does that mean three-reel slots aren’t worth playing? Worse still, are they dull?

What do you want from a slot game?

If you love nothing better than a classic slot that reminds you of traditional casino games, a three-reel slot will come close to replicating that. It is also a simple game, easy to understand, and ideal if you have yet to try any online slots.

However, if you prefer more reels, more rows, more features, and more prize-winning chances, you will probably find three-reel slots to be rather basic. You’ll fare better if you choose games with five reels and far more going on.

Three-reel games can still have special features

If you think all games with three reels are basic and dull, think again. Many of them feature a wild icon, although they are usually too small to have a scatter involved. The wild can often reveal multiplier values as well. We have played several games with a x2 or x4 multiplier given to prizes with one or two wilds included in the winning payline respectively.

We have also spotted a few that have bonus features. These tend to be bonus pick options, where you can choose one or more given items to reveal how much you will win. But still, it is good to occasionally find them in these games.

The answer: It depends on the individual game

As you can see, not all three-reel slots can be lumped together in one space. Even if you don’t like these games, you might miss out on one or two great ones if you give them all a wide berth. Check out the various options online today and see if you can find some that appeal. Look for ones with more paylines and perhaps even a bonus feature. They are there to be found – you just need to look for them.

Reading reviews for these slots is another good way to find the best ones to try. If you find some favorites, we guarantee you’ll return to them time and again.