Try The Seven Age Of The Gods Titles From Playtech

Don't you just love a good sequel? Trouble is, when it comes to movies, the sequel to a successful movie doesn't always hold water. So, imagine trying to make a successful slot game and then following it up with no fewer than six sequels. Can you imagine someone trying that… and then succeeding at making seven successful titles?

You don't need to imagine it, because Playtech has done it. They are becoming more famous than ever thanks to their Age of the Gods series of slots, and yes, there are seven of them. Discover more about them here.

What are they called?

The original game is simply called Age of the Gods. Playtech then followed them up with these. They are all called Age of the Gods with a subtitle, and the subtitles are as follows:

  • Fate Sisters
  • Furious 4
  • God of Storms
  • Goddess of Wisdom
  • King of Olympus
  • Prince of Olympus

You will notice when you play the games that they all look very similar, and are certainly part of a series. You get a very colorful selection of images in both the background and on the reels in each case.

Which game is best?

It is refreshingly difficult to pick between them, since they are all well-designed and promise a good mix of features. Fate Sisters offers a look at the Fates themselves, and you can enjoy the Sisters' Gift Feature as well as heading into the Fates' Portal to try three different game modes.

Meanwhile, Prince of Olympus shares the might of Hercules, and offers a Hydra bonus and a Herculean Strength feature. The Goddess of Wisdom slot is all about Athena, who features as the wild icon. You will also see a white owl as a scatter, and this can unlock the Battle Game.

Lots of bonuses and special features

As you may have noticed, these games all feature lots of unusual bonuses. For example, you may get some free spins, but each version features a twist that relates to the character(s) the slot focuses on each time.

If you are keen to try and learn more about the Greek Gods and their myths and legends, the Age of the Gods series should not be missed. We find it difficult to imagine there would be anyone who would not want to at least try these games, since they offer so much entertainment.