A Night With Cleo Slot Machine

We all recognize online slot games are for adults only. However, most themes are quite innocent. Very few slots offer any mature content, although some might be said to feature a higher level of violence or other themes such as horror and vampire slots that wouldn't be suitable for younger people to see.

But just recently, there has been a hint that perhaps we might start to see some mature slots coming to the fore. Granted, we have just one title to add to this collection now - one title where a mature content warning was given prior to going into the game to play it. This is A Night with Cleo, a game where the title tells you that you are in ancient Egypt, and you are in the company of Cleopatra herself.

And as you will soon see, Cleopatra is a foxy-looking lady in this slot. Foxier than she appears in many other Egyptian-themed games. But while she looks good here, you will see an intriguing feature if you win a line prize and you decide to activate the gamble feature.

What happens if you pick the correct lotus flower?

This game takes you to a second screen where Cleopatra is holding out two lotus flowers. If you pick the correct one, you will double the line prize you are gambling with. Pick the wrong one, and you lose your winnings and return to the main game.

However, if you pick correctly, you will also see Cleopatra shed an item of clothing. The more correct guesses you get, the more clothing she loses, and… well, you get the idea.

Will we see other mature content that appeals to a specific audience?

We may do. This slot has been quite popular and has certainly made a name for itself. It also makes it more enticing to try the gamble feature - perhaps the least-loved feature in many slot games. If you want to see how far she will go in losing clothing, you need to gamble whatever you have previously won on the reels to see if you can guess the right answers each time.

Given the success of this game, it may only be a matter of time before sexier slots are released that use this as a theme. We doubt they will become huge successes, but they certainly will become hugely popular among a few players.