American Roulette

Red Stag Casino
Get pumped up with excitement as you watch the American Roulette run its course. It is a game of luck and anticipation with not much strategy involved for too much mind boggling techniques. It is one of the few table games where you can go with your gut feel or your favorite numbers just like how you would play in a lotto game. Feel the challenge of the game and see how far things would go in your favor with the usual 38 slots numbered 00 and 0-36.

Where To Play American Roulette

What more can you ask for? A game previously associated only with well-off players can now be at hand for minimum bets. Take your best bet.

American Roulette Table Layout

Many have seen the American Roulette table countless times. Either a player has visited a casino while others have watched them in moves or television previously. Look at the rich red and black colors on the table complete with the numbers indicated for American Roulette. They are arranged in three columns with twelve numbers each. First row will show 1 – 3, second row with 4 – 6 and on until the last group with 34 – 36. Right above the first row are slots for 0 and 00. On the side of this table of numbers are more bet opportunities such as odd or even, first to third 12, red or black, low or high. Even the lines between numbers can be bet on such as split, street, corner, five and line. All these on a background of rich green velvet layout.

American Roulette Payouts for Bets

Understanding the whole range of bet possibilities can help a player figure out how to play his chips in different ways possible. In general, the lower the number chosen to place a bet on, the higher the payout will turn out to be. In fact, bet on one number alone for that round instead of any other possible combination and payout can go as high as 35 times the bet amount. If you settle for a split or a bet between two adjoining numbers, you can still win 17 times the amount. Continue feeling good with street which covers three numbers and pays out 11 times the amount. Payout runs from twice to 8 times for bets by the dozen, column, line, five and corner. Get your bet back for red or black, odd or even and high or low bets too.