European Roulette

Feel the velvety European Roulette table which promises a game that can change your fortune right before your eyes. Watch the wheels of roulette go round and round while the ball runs in counter mode until it finally rests on one of the numbered slots. Keep your fingers crossed and your eyes pealed to see if your bet won in this round and by how much.

See why many players keep coming back to play this game whenever they get a chance to and find out why European Roulette has become a common staple, one of the most popular table games.

Basic Steps to Play at European Roulette

Purchase chips from the cashier to be able to play the game. On the betting table, click on the numbers you want to wager on and the bet amount. There are 37 numbers to bet on starting from 0 to 37. A player can post as many bets as allowed which is indicated as a maximum limit. There is an option to double the bet which is again subject to the table limit set. Hit Spin once you are ready to turn the wheel while a ball runs around the wheel until it finally stops on a given number corresponding to the slot where it rested. Check out the table of payouts to know how much you’ve won from the bet you placed in case it’s the same number you chose before spinning. After each round, a player may opt to Re-bet and Spin by hitting the appropriate buttons on the screen. The chip size is defaulted to the last bet placed.

Win According to Bets

A straight up bet gets the highest payout at 35 times the amount which means betting on just one number. Bet on two winning adjacent numbers and get 17 times the bet amount. Win on a street bet with 11 times the amount. Wins from corner, square or quarter bets aren’t too bad at 8 times your bet. Same goes for line bets at 5 times the bet. These are just part of the inside bets that can get players a payout. Outside bets happen to come with lower payouts such as half to as much as twice the bet but it sure is better than losing the bet entirely.

Where to Play European Roulette

European Roulette is a game not to be missed when visiting online casino. You’ll never know when lady luck starts smiling on you when you least expect it.

US players will find the following casinos to be particularly welcoming, but no matter where you play, European Roulette is sure to provide great entertainment.