Dazzling Dice

Numerous specialty games have sprouted from several forerunners in online casino gaming. One such game a player should start knowing is Dazzling Dice. Many slot machine players will love this new game that provides payouts slot machine style but without the usual spinning reels on their computer screen. What players see instead are the dice arranged in a grid. Try imagining rolling the dice into this grid instead and you get a picture of what Dazzling Dice looks like. We recommend to play Dazzling Dice at one of the best online casino brands, at LibertySlots Online Casino. Read our Liberty Slots Casino for more information about banking options, bonuses and other promotions. The casino is welcome for USA players!

Game Details

Dazzling Dice is a video slot with 5 reels and 12 paylines. Take a spin for as low as $0.25 or as high as $60 depending on the player’s personal preference and bankroll. And if you’re new to video slot gaming such as this, imagine the possibilities with a maximum of 12 coins for each spin to win the biggest jackpot at 100 coins times your bet coin. Activate all paylines by betting max and a player may just find himself jumping up and down with joy.

Players will see five columns and rows of dice, each with 5 die. All in all there are 25 positions showing on the game site. Players familiar with dice know that there are 6 possible outcomes because it has 6 sides. Roll the dice so that it starts moving much like the spinning reels in video slots.

Poker Hand Values

The fun doesn’t stop with simply seeing dice than reels on this slot game. Payout too has its twist where poker hand values would be the basis. One such winning combination is five of a kind which indicates that the dice stopped on the side that has similar values. High straight, another combination with payout, refers to the five highest ranking cards in poker – ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. Low straight goes one value lower than high straight such that instead of an ace, the value should be a 9. Four of a kind means four results of the same value, much like five of a kind. Don’t forget full house which consists of three of a kind and a pair. Three of a kind is similar to full house less the pair.

Win more with higher bet amount. The payout table lists the multipliers which will tell a player how much their bet amount should be multiplied to in order to calculate the actual amount won. Don’t waste your time and see your winnings roll before your eyes.