Ultimate HiLo

Are you good at guessing whether what is hidden from your view is going to be higher or lower than the one shown at that instance? If you think you’re good at this guessing game, then Ultimate HiLo will take you to the next level. Find out how you can win more by betting on other categories with the game. This game is offered by Liberty Slots Casino.

Ultimate HiLo Game Mechanics

Players need to enter their bet amounts and start with Play mode. Download Liberty Slots US casino software , register and start. Once the bet on the outcome is selected, there would be a button to submit the choice which will then prompt him to choose a card he prefers among those dealt face down. After clicking on the cards, it will be flipped over to reveal its value. Mind you, the wagers can be on whether it is a higher or lower card value, black or white, spade or heart or diamond or club, higher or lower black, higher or lower red, higher or lower club, higher or lower spade, higher or lower heart and higher or lower diamond. Each of these categories carries with them corresponding payout grids so that you can multiply this with your bet amount which can be collected at the end of the game.

Ultimate HiLo Bet Limits and More

See how affordable playing Ultimate HiLo could be. For a small bet coin of $0.50, one can already get the game running on their computers. But if you happen to be a highroller on the lookout for a whiff of card game at its simplest game format, bet as much as $1,000 for the ultimate in possible payout.

Generally, payout is higher for choices that have the lowest probability among other possible categories. And as you’ve seen earlier, it can be more than just a matter of guessing whether the next card is going to be higher or lower in value. You can also choose by color and suit and even combine this whether it’s a higher or lower color or suit. Thus, increasing your chances of winning as you go along the game.

Where to play Ultimate HiLo

Look no further when browsing the Internet for a game that can make you hold on to your seat and yet keep you relaxed and comfortable, except probably when you happen to be watching your winnings go up by the second. Go ahead and play this game before you miss it.