Keno is not a new game. It is actually a game that originated from China and in fact, it has been around for centuries. It is actually a game that was invented in China. It was originally intended to raise money for soldiers defending the towns. It is also one of the most popular online games because it is quite easy to learn and easy to play. It is quite similar to lottery or bingo. So, you could say that if you have played a lot of lottery or bingo games before, you’re properly geared towards learning and playing Keno well.

Where to play online Keno

It is actually a pretty easy game because you only have to choose your numbers and you could earn a lot of money. It is highly popular especially among new online casino enthusiasts and experiensed players. The game remains to be popular because it is fairly easy. You don’t have to have vast experience in online gambling in order to be able to play Keno. You don’t even have to bet huge amounts of money in order to win thousands of dollars in payouts.

Keno Game rules

When you play Keno, you’d be given a card with the numbers 1 to 80 printed on them. Similar to lottery, you would then select a maximum of 15 numbers from the printed numbers on the card. The wagering amounts differ with each casino but they could have wagering amounts of $1, $5 and $10 regardless of whether you pick one number or the maximum numbers. After making his choices, the player would then press the Play button. The machine would then randomly draw out 20 numbers. You get more payout with more numbers that you correctly predict. What’s great about this is that you can win a lot of money from Keno.

Keno Strategies

You don’t have to use global strategies when you play Keno. But you need some useful information,simple Keno strategies , which will certainly make your game more enjoyable. Keno ticket or card shows a list of all 80 numbers where you can pick out your 15 lucky numbers prior to drawing the winning numbers. Spots refer to the numbers a player has chosen on the ticket or card. When you see the number drawn matches what you picked out earlier, that’s called a hit. And that’s all any player needs to know and they’re good to go.

Why Keno Game is so popular in online casinos

Wonder no more why Keno has become a common staple in online casino gaming because you can see for yourself right this moment why that is so. A player can lose count of the time while playing the game as he watch each ball pop out on the computer screen automatically drawn by the casino software. Players can start winning money when they match the numbers chosen earlier. This is lotto the way bettors love it and one only has to get Internet connection to get this running in the computer pronto.

Keno Terms to Remember

Anyone can easily follow the game Keno which makes it quite popular with players of all ages. In fact there are only very few terms a player needs to familiarize themselves with when playing Keno. This will make playing easier to do as you know what terms mean as you see them and play continuously. Exciting game, isn't ? Play Keno and win!