Slots With Free Spins Options

There’s nothing better than encountering a slot game that offers you the chance to win some free spins. These are just what they sound like – spins of the reels that you do not pay for. You do still get the chance to play for real prize though, assuming you’re playing for real and you’re not in practice mode.

Here are some key features to look for when assessing which slot you should play that offers you the chance to win some free games.

How many games can you win?

Some slots are more generous than others. Some might allow you to win 10 free spins, whereas others will grant you more if you get more symbols in the triggering combination.

Since scatter symbols are usually responsible for triggering the free games, you could get more if you can find more than the minimum of three. Check this before you play; it makes sense to open the way to win as many as you can.

Are prizes given a multiplier in the free games?

Some slots allow you to win standard prizes as per the paytable when you are playing free games. However, many slot games provide you with a multiplier to boost the amount you might win.

For instance, a 2x or 3x multiplier is quite common and would be applied to every prize won. Alternatively, some other games offer random multipliers, so you might get the benefit of a bigger multiplier if you get lucky. Still more games offer multipliers for wins with a wild symbol in the mix, but not for basic wins. Check out the paytable to see what applies in each game.

Can you trigger the games to play again?

This varies. Some slots do give you the chance to play the same number of games again if you trigger them the way you originally did. Others don’t allow a retrigger, although these tend to be games that have bigger prizes and features, rather than just awarding basic free games.

Some might give you one or two additional free games to add to your remaining total for finding one extra scatter or triggering symbol on the reels. This means you could end up playing more than you thought you would.

Free spins are always popular and for good reason. How many will you win in your next slot game experience?