Three Reasons Why You Should Play Rival Slots

Did you know Rival Gaming has been around since 2006? During the intervening years, they’ve been hard at work releasing numerous slots and online games for a growing audience.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to find some reasons to play Rival Gaming slots then, and we’ve got three good reasons for you right here.

There is plenty to choose from

If you like nothing better than browsing through a large collection of slot games, Rival is home to 264 of them at the time of writing. Almost every theme you can think of – and plenty you can’t – is included within that monster collection.

There are aliens, fairytale characters, ancient gods, ancient Egyptians… you name it, you will probably find it in their collection. That’s great news for you, as you are bound to find a few new favorites in there.

You get to play the i-Slots range from Rival Gaming

Their i-Slots range has become very well known over recent years. These are interactive slots, hence the name. While the basic game may be very similar to many other slots, the i-Slot will include a storyline as well. This influences the bonuses included in the game. There may well be several bonuses to enjoy, and many are based on your skill rather than simply clicking buttons and seeing what the game decides to award you.

Most of the games can be played for fun or for real prizes

Rival Gaming believes its fans should be able to play their games for fun if they wish. This is a great way to discover how a game works and whether it is suitable for your requirements. You can just as easily find the complete suite of Rival games at many online casinos, so if you do want to play for real money you can do so.

This feature also provides you with a chance to play some of the i-Slots we mentioned above. Our recommendation is to try the As the Reels Turn series of slots. There are three of them and each one tells the next chapter in the behind-the-scenes action in El Paradiso Casino. These include game maps, so you can see where you are in the storyline.

If you want to play some Rival games, you can see there are lots of reasons why this would be a great decision to make.