How Volatile Should Your Preferred Slot Games Be?

Volatility is a big topic in the world of slots – and indeed in the world of casino games. However, how much do you know about volatility? Do you ever look at how volatile a slot game is before you play it? Is this the first time you’ve even heard the word relating to slots?

It’s important to understand what volatility is and how it affects the experience of playing a slot game. So, we thought we’d tackle that right here. Read on to find out the essentials.

What does volatility mean?

Volatility refers to how something can change. The more volatile something is, the greater the change might be. If we apply this to slot games, a high-volatility slot is one where prizes only appear occasionally, but when they do, they are more likely to be larger in size. You could go for long periods with no prizes at all, however.

Compare this to a low-volatility slot game. In this case, you will get prizes far more frequently thanks to the lower volatility level. However, those prizes are more likely to be smaller in size. You may still win the jackpot or a bigger prize, but the odds are the smaller ones will pay out more often.

Finding out your own preferences

Some slot players love playing highly volatile slots. They will take the chance of a long cold spell with no wins for the chance of winning big when it does happen. Others will shy away from these slots and go for less volatile ones where prizes drop far more often.

It’s vital to consider your own preferences before doing anything else. This enables you to find games that will suit your preferences, rather than giving you the opposite experience to the one you are looking for.

Some games allow you to change the volatility level

These are uncommon, but we have seen a few around recently. Maybe more software providers will allow you to change this feature. This means you can play a game you like the look of and change the volatility before you begin.

It’s always disappointing to find a slot game you would love to play that doesn’t suit your own volatility preferences. However, you can see how easy it would be to change this once you’ve played a few slot games that allow it. How volatile are you when it comes to slots?