Why Do Slot Players Love Second Screen Bonuses?

Have you played any slot games featuring second screen bonuses? If not, you are in for a cool treat. These slots are entertaining to play and have some great elements included too. They are known by this name because the bonus occurs on a separate screen to the one the reels appear on. Let’s discover more about the second screen bonus, so you have an idea of what awaits you when you play some of these slot games.

You’re almost always going to win something

The second screen bonus usually guarantees you a prize. It may be a small one, or it could be many thousands of coins. While there are some slot games where you could come away from the bonus without any prizes, these are few and far between. Some even provide a Win-Win Guarantee (see some RTG slots) which means you are guaranteed to win a certain amount from the feature.

The bonus may consist of several levels

The best bonuses give you a chance to play your way through several levels. For example, you might start in one location and move on to several others as you play. Alternatively, you might move through some rooms, explore a maze, or something else entirely. You never know what awaits you when you play a slot that includes one or more second screen bonus features.

You’ll move away from the reels and into a new situation

This breaks up gameplay and makes the slot more interesting to play. The scenario you’re faced with will usually be something based around the theme of the game. Let’s say you are in ancient Egypt, for example. In this case, you might play a bonus game that takes you inside the pyramids to open tombs in search of prizes. Alternatively, a horror-themed slot might take you into a graveyard where you can look for prizes while avoiding the skeletons lurking around. A pirate-themed slot might give you the chance to explore a treasure map, visiting different islands to dig for treasure at each one. Normally, these rounds include a collect message or trigger than will end the round. You could open the wrong tomb, get caught by a skeleton, or dig in an empty treasure site. Whatever happens, we think you will be entertained by these games, and you’ll love every minute you spend playing them.