Black Bear Casino

Sub-Mariner Slots

We regularly review online casinos, but we shouldn’t forget there are plenty of real-life casinos around to visit too. If you are ever in Carlton, Minnesota, you should pay a visit to the Black Bear Casino Resort. It’s just off the I35, and if you love golf you’ll be pleased to hear there is a golf course right there as well. In fact, you can easily make a day or weekend of it – or even a week. They don’t include the word ‘resort’ in the name for no good reason! Of course, the main attraction for many will be the gaming facilities at Black Bear, so we’ll turn our attention to those first.

From slots to bingo…

Yes, you get a chance to play some cool bingo games at Black Bear as well as a great range of slot machines. If you love playing penny slots, you will certainly find lots of those to try your luck with. They do also have dollar slots though – maybe not something you are used to. And aside from all those options, you also have the chance to try your luck at the blackjack and poker tables. Whatever you enjoy most, you can find the best games available at the Black Bear Casino.

Will you join the Players Club?

The casino also offers a club that has some great benefits on hand when you join. If you are in the area – maybe you live or work nearby – this could be worth finding out more about.

Promotions galore to enjoy

We love a good casino promotion, and the Black Bear Casino doesn’t miss out on these just because it’s not an online casino. There are lots of great offers available. Some of the ones we saw promoted thousands of dollars in prizes, not to mention a car as a prize in one case. The website for the Black Bear Casino has a calendar of events you can check, so if you want to know what is coming up, this is the place to go to.

The best in entertainment and dining, too

The Black Bear Casino really does offer it all. Positioned as a resort offering great golf, superb hotel rooms, and entertainment throughout, you won’t regret finding out more if you are going to be nearby very soon. Check out this land-based casino now to see why others love it.